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Spring 2021

Barzona Bulletin A Publication of the Barzona Breeders Association of America

By Matthew Heinz, Golden Hz Farm, BBAA President President’s Message

W elcome all to the spring edition of the Barzona Bul- letin . The weather outside is, as we say in Iowa, a “false spring.” It is nice outside for a week or two to get your guard down, then slams you with snow, wet and cold. We do know the end of winter is in sight. We also know that, in a few short weeks, the grass will come on and calves will start hitting the ground. I hope all of your farms and ranches have weathered what winter has thrown at you. Talking to a few producers in the southern regions, they got to see firsthand how versatile Bar- zona cattle can be in all weather conditions – especially freak trends of nature. For me, spring brings goals for self, family, operation and as- sociation. As you can imagine, I will touch on only one of these topics for you all. The Barzona Breeders Association of America’s (BBAA) heart beats strong with potential to move to a brighter tomorrow. Word continues to spread about this versatile breed, and individuals call to inquire about them. As relationships are being solidified with buyers, we must be mindful to meet all rea- sonable requests. One bad experience does more to the breed as a whole than 10 good experiences. For the last 10 years, I have had the unique ability to watch our executive secretary make connections between buyers and sellers to get Barzona cattle in the hands of people who want

them. As purebred producers, we must keep meeting the buy- ing demand for our cattle as it happens or be faced with buyer frustration as they find another breed to meet their needs. The Barzona Breeders Association of America needs to con- tinue to look and move toward the horizon. What items would you like to see now, seven years or 20 years from now? I am tapping the whole membership to come up with ideas and bring them to our BBAA Annual Meeting in Kansas. Ask your children, grandchildren, anyone who has an interest in your cattle oper- ation. I also reach out to our readership, as you all have an interest in or have raised Barzona cattle. I would like to hear from you, either through email, phone call or attendance at our Annual Meeting. Youth involvement, new breeders’ incentives, compe- tition ideas – are all on the table this year, along with others. We cannot continue the same processes and expect different results. Everyone, please make plans to attend our Annual Meeting. I am looking forward to seeing you all there and hearing your ideas. I encourage all past, present and newmembers to be part of Barzona Breeders Association of America’s future. Let’s all move forward together. My door is always open; do not be afraid to call me, (515) 480- 9916 or email, BB

SAVE THE DATE 2021 Barzona Breeders Association of America Annual Meeting Best Western Plus Stevens County 1004 E 11th St., Hugoton, KS 67951 (620) 544-7766 Room Block: Alecia Heinz (Barzona Breeders) June 25-27, 2021

I worked for the Circle One Cattle Co., in Surprise, Ariz., around 1963. They had a pen of Barzona cattle on feed. I was told that they were a test pen and the first of their kind to ever be put in a feedlot. They were a very calm breed and easy to work with. We had the feedlot divided into sections for two-man teams to take care of and doctor when needed. The pens WHY BARZONA?

that I was riding with my partner, Don Hayward, happened to have the first pen of the Barzonas that was ever finished in a feedlot. I don’t remember ever having to doctor one of them. They are beau- tiful cattle. I guess every old cowboy has his favorite cattle he has come across in his life- time. I am 82 and have worked and been around most breeds. The Bar- zona were always one of my favor- ites, even with what little time I spent with them.

Circle One is gone now; there is a Del Webb retirement village built where it used to be, but I am so glad the Barzo- nas have had the success they have had. – Lonnie F. BB

Golden Hz Farm Barzona: The breed for busy people


These cows take care of themselves!

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Matt & Alecia Heinz 2432 250th St Greenfield, IA 50849 (641) 745-9170

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From Our Association Secretary

By Alecia Heinz, Golden Hz Farm, BBAA Secretary

Raising Quality Barzona Cattle for 46 years. Bulls & Females Available Two-Year-Old Bulls Available Now F & F Cattle Company Mike & Pat Fitzgerald 130 Fitzgerald Lane, Mosquero, NM 87733 (575) 673-2346 Hampton Cattle Company Breeding Purebred since 1973 Fertile Range Cattle Steve Hampton P.O. Box 134 • Kirkland, AZ 86332 (928) 442-3438 T he rollercoaster season is upon us. Weather is up and down, and calving efforts are up and down, right along with everything in between. 2021 Barzona Breeders As- sociation of America (BBAA) Annual Meeting plans are unfolding, and we hope to see and hear from more of you than ever to participate in our association’s future. Best Western Plus of Stevens County will have a room block until June 10. You can still book a room after that, but the block is priority and under “Alecia Heinz/Barzona Breeders.” There will be a Zoom Meeting link and conference call op- tions available for those of you who are not able to travel. Please watch your emails and BBAA Facebook page for updates. The business meeting will take place on Sat., June 26, so please schedule for that day, regardless. Agenda items to be discussed include the BBAA auction, breeder and membership incentives, youth programs, and the continuation/changes to the printing and distribution of the Barzona Bulletin . If you have an item you would like added to the agenda or input on any of the above items, please let the associ- ation know. We are more than happy to accommodate anyone’s concerns. Other activities include a Beef Showmanship and Fitting Clin- ic for all youth at the Stevens County Fairgrounds. There will be

feedlot tours held during the weekend and a social dinner as usual. If you are looking for bulls this time of year, there are always local breeders who are looking to part ways with seedstock. BB

2021 Barzona Breeders Association of America Annual Meeting Activites

• Beef Showmanship and Fitting Clinic - Stevens County Fairgrounds • BBAA Annual Business Meeting: Sat. June 26 • Feedlot Tours Check out our Facebook page for more Information.

Weichman Feedyard, L.P.

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