Barzona Bulletin Summer 2023

Feed Efficiency Test at AzTx Feedyard

T he Barzona Breeders Association of America (BBAA) will be conducting a feed efficiency test at AzTx Feedyard in Hereford, Texas. Two rounds are anticipated – one in October 2023 and one in January 2024. Exact dates will

be determined. It’s easy to sign up. Rules and forms are post ed on the BBAA website at Feedlot-TestSummary.pdf . Ranchers will want to look over the general guidelines and current test rules to make sure they have wean dates and vaccinations done before their anticipated test delivery. There are

ownership op tions available for those who want to sell early. Further questions can be direct ed to Alecia Heinz, BBAA secretary, at (641) 745-9170 or barzona breeders@ . BB

Feed Efficiency Test Form  Download it at the BBAA website: http:// assets/files/ Feedlot Test Summary.pdf

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