Barzona Bulletin summer 2019

From Our Association Secretary

Bar Nunn Insurance Are Your Animals Insured? You are providing a product that meets the needs of a mul- titude of cattle producers and beef consumers. Fertility, adapt- ability, heat tolerance, pest resistance, positive disposition and hardiness are desirable traits in any breed. Put all that in a package that includes quality beef characteristics and you have something very unique. Wrap that package up with breeders who really care about their customers and you have what we want Barzona buyers to experience. Thank you to the Fischers and all those who attended our annual meeting. BB We cover animal mortality (all risk), including death by livestock transit, lightning, fire, windstorm, hail, tornado, smothering, collision with vehicles, flood drowning, accidental shooting, electrocution, attack by dogs and other animals, collapse of barns, contaminated feed or water, hypothermia due to precipitation. ❑ Horses ❑ Rodeo cattle ❑ Sheep Please call for a quote (405) 238-0903 ❑ Goats ❑ Llamas ❑ Bison ❑ Elk ❑ Deer ❑ Dogs ❑ Pigs ❑ Exotics ANIMALS COVERED INCLUDE ❑ Purebred cattle ❑ Seedstock cattle your strengths and eliminate your errors. Gradually take your herd the direction, genetically, you want to go but continue to learn and innovate along the way. Be authentic and reliable. Sell your registered animals for prices that recognize the care with which you have developed your herd. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to build upon the work of other breeders who had the foresight to focus on hardiness, fertility and carcass quality a long time ago. By Alecia Heinz, Golden Hz Farms T he 2019 Barzona Breeders Association of America (BBAA) Convention has officially come and gone, and there is a committee in place to determine a time and location for the 2020 convention. We couldn’t have had better hosts than Garey and Judy Fischer! Some changes were made during this year’s business meeting. For Bonsmara owners out there, the BBAA updated the way papers are marked for animals with Bonsmara in their pedigrees. If you would like your papers reprinted with the new notations and percentages, please mail registration papers to the BBAA office, and new ones will be made and sent back to you. Also, there has been some confusion with the U.S. Post Office regarding the BBAA office address at 604 Cedar St., Adair, IA 50002. If trouble with this continues, you are welcome to use P.O. Box 154, Greenfield, IA 50849. The Adair address is still good to use and, as always, a call, text or email is welcome too. BB President’s Letter Continued from page 1

Members of the BBAA on a tour of the Garey and Judy Fischer operation in Oregon.

Fischer Ranch heifer.

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