Get to Know Garrett Meet the 2023 National Braunvieh Sale Manager, Garrett Thomas

While the 2023 National Braunvieh Sale is still a few weeks away, a lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going on to ensure this year’s sale is a success. A great deal of that work has been done by this year’s sale manager, Garrett Thomas, owner of Hi Point Sales and Marketing. Here are a few things you should know about Garrett Thomas. Q: How did you get your start in live stock marketing/sales management? A: I launched Hi Point Sales and Marketing in July 2017. With a fresh new approach to livestock marketing and commitment to customer ser vice, I feel I have successfully taken on the fast-paced changes in the beef industry. While it has been nearly five years since I launched Hi Point, the experi ence behind the name is vast and varied. I grew up on a commercial cow-calf operation; a few purebred Brahman cows planted the seed for what is presently a rapidly growing Brangus operation. While the Brangus breed is familiar to me, I have worked with nearly all American-influenced breeds, along with Hereford, Red An

gus and, most recently, SimAngus. In the fall of 2006, I achieved a lifelong dream when I became a member of the Association of Former Students as a graduate of Texas A&M University (TAMU). While attending TAMU, I trav eled the country as a member of the national champion livestock judging team. Following my time at Texas A&M, I spent time as a ranch manager for a large cow herd in South Texas, as well as a lecturer and graduate assistant at the university level. My disciplined planning, attention to de tail and passion for customer service was developed in sales management for a company that provided services nationwide. This experience in sales management ultimately launched me into starting Hi Point Sales and Marketing. Q: What is your approach to sales management? A: Sales management has several key factors, but you can’t even start without these two pillars. You need a plan, and you must make customer service a priority. I have successfully planned, managed and executed a

sale plan in as little time as 28 days. I am not going to lie, that was a wild ride and there were some bumps and bruises along the way. However, it worked because we immediately laid out a plan and did not miss one detail along the way. Ideally, with more time you have more ability to market the sale to the fullest, but the key to any successful sale starts with a plan. The sales management business is a people business as much as it’s a sales business, and when you are in the people business, customer service is king. My team and I have been committed to customer service from the start, and that’s something that we have never wavered on. Q: What can breeders expect from this year’s National Braunvieh Sale? A: This year’s sale is going to cover a wide cross-section of consignment types from breeders all across the country. We are even offering a very unique lot this year that you will see in the catalog that will benefit the juniors and offer the opportunity to elevate the marketing footprint of your program immediately. Q: Is there anything else you’d like Braunvieh breeders to know? A: While I am new to the Braun vieh breed, I am very excited to be selected as the sale manager for the 2023 national sale. One thing that always rings true in sale management is quality sells, and it sells for a pre mium regardless of breed. I have al ready spent a lot of time on the phone making introductory phone calls, and that has been a great “boots on the ground” experience for Hi Point. BW



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