President’s Message with Robert Williams

It’s an honor once again to write the presi dent’s letter for the Braunvieh World – not because I like writing letters, because I don’t, but because it means another issue of the Braunvieh World is getting published. Most breeds our size are not fortunate enough to have a breed publica tion, much less a magazine. And for us to continue to have such an asset will take support from all of us. The breed magazine is the face of the breed and one we are fortunate to have at this time. Whether it be ad support or supporting the advertiser, we need your support.

BRAUNVIEH ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA 7607 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO 64151 (816) 599-7780 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT • ROBERT WILLIAMS Section, Ala. (256) 599-5432 VICE PRESIDENT • COLBY KING Webber Falls, Okla. (918) 773-2153 SECRETARY • NESHA SMITH Rose Bud, Ark. (501) 454-3775 Nesh a.s TREASURER • BOB GUNNETT Billings, Mo. (417) 343-3635 DIRECTORS BENNY PHILLIPS Chatfield, Texas (903) 641-1594 DANIEL ROBERTS Franklin, Ky. (270) 598-9848 DEANA IMHOFF Bunceton, Mo. (660) 888-3349 JASON PFEIFER Russell, Kan. (785) 483-1805

Speaking of assets, if you’re not familiar with the Braunvieh Sire Evaluation Project then please read the article on page 14. This project is a big deal and one that a lot of other breeds will be envious of. Not only will it expose our strengths but, more important, our weaknesses and hopefully identify those genetics that we can use to improve those weaknesses. While this is not a Braunvieh Association of America (BAA) project, it is a project of BAA mem bership and is supported by BAA members. From turning a dream into reality to doing the logistics that a project like this requires to nominating AI sires; helping work 900 cows and calves four times a year with two of those times being AI; providing clean up bulls; providing trucking to the feedlot; doing data control and data entry; and that all-important thing that every project has to have – funding. All of these things are being done by BAA members. You see, it’s John Hall’s dream that is becoming a reality. And while John and Loretta have poured countless hours of time, money and sweat into this project, it wouldn’t be where it is now without the support from other mem bers. So if there are any of the items that were mentioned above that you could help with, contact John. We need your support. Another dream that is being turned into reality and one that has great potential to make a positive impact on this breed, especially our juniors, is the formation of the American Braunvieh Youth Development Foundation (ABYDF), read more on page 18. This 501(c)(3) foundation’s stated purpose is “dedicated to enriching the lives of youth interested in agriculture through support for the educational leadership activities of the Junior Braunvieh As sociation of America (JBAA).” You see, this dream that is becoming a reality is that of Randy Allgood. And while the ABYDF is an affiliate of the BAA, it is the support of the members that is making it happen. And what does any good charitable foundation need? Funding. We need your support. I guess by now you’ve determined this letter has been a lot about dreams and support – it takes both to be successful. I would like to ask for your support in one more thing – your cow herd data. With membership renewal coming up, I encourage all Total Herd Reporting (THR) members to get your inventory done. If you’re a Traditional Concept (TC) member, I encourage you to become a THR member. It’s not that hard to do. It keeps your cowherd cur rent in Digital Beef and it gives all of us valuable information that is so badly needed by this breed. Information that we must have if we as a breed are going to make the impact in the cattle industry that I think we can. That’s our dream; help us make it come true. We need your support. BW The breed magazine is the face of the breed and one we are fortunate to have at this time. Whether it be ad support or supporting the advertiser, we need your support.

JOHN HALL Hedley, Texas (806) 930-2560 LARRY MCAFEE Shipman, Ill. (618) 593-2370 MOLLY MIRASSOU Weatherford, Texas (408) 690-9961 TODD HILL

Childress, Texas (806) 681-9333


Braunvieh World  Winter 2023

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