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Tools in the Toolbox

B y now we are in the heart of spring cattle sales and planning for the 2024 breeding season. I encourage you all to keep these things in mind:  The total number of U.S. cattle fell to its lowest level since 1951, after the fifth consecutive year of declining numbers.  The number of beef cows is down 2 percent from last year and sits at 28.2 million head.  Lingering drought continues to slow the rebuilding process; 49 percent of the nation’s cattle areas remain dry.  Analysts do not expect rebuilding to begin in earnest until the fourth quarter.  During the time of expansion, commercial producers will be retaining heif ers to grow their cow herd. As we advance our seedstock, it is important that Santa Gertrudis bulls pro duce females that commercial producers can retain during this period of ex

pansion. Santa Gertrudis members have tools such as Maternal EPDs that will have a long-term economic impact on Santa Gertru dis Breeders International’s (SGBI) commercial bull buying customers’ opera

It is important that Santa Gertrudis bulls produce females that commercial producers can retain during this period of expansion.

tions. Breeders can also utilize the Heifer Pregnancy EPD as a selection tool that is designed to improve fertility in a cow herd. The Heifer Pregnancy EPD is cal culated from breeding records and indicates whether the daughters of a bull be come pregnant during their first breeding season. SGBI’s Breed Back EPD is also beneficial as it measures the probability a 2-year-old female will be pregnant given she was listed as pregnant as a yearling. Our Maternal (Milk) EPD also has great value and reflects the milking ability of a sire’s daughter. It is impor tant to note that higher Milk EPDs not only result in daughters weaning heavier calves but also in higher nutritional requirements in the cow herd, so there is an optimum value depending on your bull buying customer’s environment. No one wants to pull calves, and there is an extremely low incidence of dystocia in mature cows; however, low Birth Weight EPDs are a priority when bulls are to be used on heifers. During herd expansion, SGBI members will want to pay close attention to ma ternal traits. Our bull-buying customers certainly are. As with a comprehensive breeding program, keep in mind all profitable traits when making breeding se lections. Last, the SGBI Board of Directors election is around the corner, and I en courage all active SGBI members to participate in the process. SGBI has been through some difficult times in the past year, however now we are more stable and better positioned to make great advances in the beef industry!



APRIL 2024

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