AMERICAN ABERDEEN ASSOCIATION 19590 East Main Street, Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138 • (303) 840-4343 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President CRAIG WALKER • W Diamond Livestock Co. 1601 Springfield Rd. • Roswell, NM 88201 (575) 626-7444 Vice President DARWIN ENGELKES • Pine Hurst Farm 16927 H Ave. • Wellsburg, IA 50680 (319) 415-0540 Secretary NEIL EFFERTZ • Effertz EZ Ranch 17350 Hwy 1804 N. • Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 471-0153 • Director GARY GILBERT • Gilbert Aberdeen Angus 3986 Lindahl Rd. • Hermantown, MN 55810 (218) 348-7877 Director ROB FANNING • Fanning Cattle Co. 877 Oakland Lane • Harrodsburg, KY 40330 (309) 373-2996 Director WADE COFFEY • 7C Aberdeen Cattle Co. 4001 W Glencoe Rd. • Stillwater, OK 74075 (405) 880-6908 Director

PRESIDENT ’S COLUMN  CRAIG WALKER G reetings. If you found your name in this direc tory edition of The Ledger , thank you for being a valued member of the American Ab erdeen Association. If you are not a member, we thank you for your interest and WELCOME you! Between the pages of this inaugural edition of the American Aberdeen Association Membership Directory we have included what we believe you will find both help ful and compelling as you contemplate the future of beef production and realize how American Aberdeen cattle can help combat some of the imposed pressures that exist today. The need for a low input, efficient, consistent, sustainable and, perhaps most important, a lower environmental impact beef breed is here. And Ameri can Aberdeen cattle are the answer. As members, we encourage you to take this information to your local communities and share the value of this great breed with other beef producers. If you are interested in what this breed can do for your operation or are in the market for American Aberdeen cattle, please contact any of the breeders listed in this directory. We have a strong member base and any one of them would gladly help you. A huge thank you to The Ledger Committee, BluePrint Media, AgTown Tech nologies and our largest set of advertisers for seeing the need for this publi cation, adding value to our membership and getting it put together in such a timely manner. TL The need for a low input, efficient, consistent, sustainable and, perhaps most important, a lower environmental impact beef breed is here. And American Aberdeen cattle are the answer.


H ello, everyone. I hope everybody is having a good spring and is ready for summer. The American Junior Aberdeen Association (AJAA) Board of Directors has been working diligently to hammer out details and set up for the AJAA Junior National Show and Competition. Junior Nationals is coming up quickly, and I hope to see you all in Law rence, Kan., at the end of June. The AJAA plays a very important role in the cattle world, especially the American Aberdeen world. The AJAA helps to

ALLEN SIEVERKROPP • S Four Farms PO Box 235 • Ephrata, WA 98823 (509) 750-4203

AAA Representative  DEAN PIKE

Need assistance in purchasing Aberdeen cattle, marketing your program or herd management? Contact Dean Pike: (303) 810-7605

educate young cattlemen and women, and helps promote responsibility. AJAA Junior Nationals is not just a cattle show, there are many different events that the juniors are able to participate in. This annual event gives junior members the ability to compete against other people their age, allows them to make new friends and have fun while they do it. For these young people, being a part of the American Junior Aberdeen Association means much more than just show ing cattle. The relationships made along the way last forever. It gives me joy to be a role model and help these juniors achieve their goals. The AJAA is the future of the breed. Without these young people developing these relationships and exhibiting these cattle, the breed would be in a much different place. Our AJAA Junior National Show and Competition has experi enced consistent growth in participation over the last few years. It is nice to see more young people becoming involved, whether they have owned these cattle for a while and not shown or they are brand new to the breed. AJAA membership continues to grow steadily. We hope to see the entries at the AJAA

For information about registering animals or membership, contact the AAA Office: 19590 East Main Street, Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138 • (303) 840-4343 The American Aberdeen Association is a not-for-profit corporation of North Dakota dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Aberdeen cattle . The International Year Code for 2019 is: G

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