Barzona Bulletin spring 2019

Spring 2019

Barzona Bulletin A Publication of the Barzona Breeders Association of America H ello to all Barzona breeders and all those considering Barzona cattle to enhance your herd’s genetics. This newsletter rep- By Dodd Carmichael, Wild N Grazy Farm, BBAA President

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Let me encourage the Barzona breed- ers to continue to focus on building a breed designed for the enjoyment and enrichment of its owners. Let’s use all the technology and knowledge available to enhance and refine our cattle to meet the needs of the cattleman (and cattlewom- an). Continue cooperating with Barzona breeders all across the country to share the best of your genetics and theirs. As Alvin Havens suggested at the an- nual meeting, sell some of the best of your cattle to those who want to become a part of our organization. Let’s focus on expanding the size of the pie instead of protecting the piece that we have. An expansive view of our breed and our pur- pose will benefit us all. Let the Barzona be the “no brag, just fact” breed – un- der-promise and over-deliver. In other news, the 2019 BBAA Annual Meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 8-10 in Spray, Ore. Barzona breeder Garey Fischer and his family will be hosting the meeting. The base of the Fischers’ herd is from the West, but they have spent con- siderable time and money to incorporate some of the best Barzona genetics from throughout the United States. This is a great example for all of us, and I really look forward to seeing this outstanding herd of cattle. I hope to see you there. BB

resents our initial efforts to improve our communications with all of you. At our annual meeting in Iowa, our organiza- tion voted to contract BluePrint Media to conduct our communications and mar- keting efforts. In addition to publishing our newsletter, BluePrint Media will be designing and operating our website and social media platforms. We believe Barzona breeders have built and refined a breed of cattle that provides a genetic base that has much to offer the industry. By unifying our mar- keting in the hands of this professional organization, we hope to be able to un- cover the value of the Barzona breed for those who have not yet experienced the utility of these fine cattle. From the origin of the breed in the high desert region of Arizona to present, the focus of the breeders has been functional efficiency – the economic characteristic to which the cattle industry has begun to return. That means fewer inputs, less stress and more enjoyment for the own- er, all which is inherent in Barzona’s DNA. We believe BluePrint Media will help us get the word out! A special thanks goes to the Havens family and Nancy Bard Nunn for making a substantial monetary contribution to jump start our new promotional efforts. I also want to thank Raymond Boykin for the excellent work he’s done with our newsletter for the past few years. We also appreciate the wonderful articles that Chip Hines has written for us. We hope to continue receiving the valuable services that both have provided, but this will relieve the load that they have carried for us. Alecia Heinz will continue to serve as our executive secretary, carrying out our registration and administration func- tions.

Attendees at the 2018 BBAA Annual Meeting.

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