Barzona Bulletin spring 2019

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SAVE THE DATE 2019 Barzona Breeders Association of America Annual Meeting July 8-10, 2019 Spray, Oregon Check the BBAA website, or email for more information.

Ode to the Past – Looking to the Future

W elcome to the Barzona Bulletin (formally the Bar- zonian ). This quarterly newsletter has been in publication for decades and many thanks go to the breeders who have kept information about Barzona cattle out in front of those interested for so long. Their commitment and dedication are to be commended. Raymond Boykin has been responsible for this newsletter for many, many years and our hats go off to him for a job well done! Thanks Ray- mond! Over these many decades, the cattle industry has gone through many significant changes, from swings in phenotyp- ic benchmarks and metrics, marketing changes and advance- ments, technology innovations, progress in genetic evaluation and the move to a global cattle industry with a focus on con- sumer demands. Not to mention the political and social envi- ronment that we must do business in these days. What has not changed is the need for cattle that function and perform in limiting environments, cattle that are hardy, self-sustaining and high-functioning and can provide a genetic outcross need- ed to complement and improve a largely continental U.S. cow herd. The Barzona breed continues to have a place in the U.S. cattle industry, but the word needs to get out about that. That is where this newsletter comes in, as well as the other commu- nication efforts that the BBAA has begun. As we look ahead, we plan to make more changes than just the name to this newsletter. As of this issue, the newsletter will be available in a digital, flipbook version on the Barzona. com website. In addition, we are committed to expanding the

mailing list so that more current and potential customers can receive this newsletter, learn more about the Barzona breed and what advantages it can bring to their cow herd, and where they can find Barzona genetics. That said, we are happy to mail this newsletter to anyone who may be interested in the breed or gain value from receiving the newsletter – and we want those names and addresses from you! If you know of someone who would benefit from receiving this newsletter, please send their name, ranch name, mailing ad- dress, phone and email to Lisa Bard at and we will add them to the Barzona Bulletin circulation list. We also plan to have new and exciting editorial in the news- letter, including Barzona breeder profiles, coverage of the sum- mer annual meeting in Oregon, information on Barzona per- formance in the pasture and in the yard, and information from producers who are using Barzona genetics in their herds. We will also feature editorial that supports, educates and inspires producers in limiting environments about those utilizing inno- vative marketing programs and how Barzona breeders can use genetic innovation and advancements. If any of you know of a producer who is doing things differently or simply has an inter- esting story to tell, please let us know and we can make sure their story gets told. We will also be increasing the Barzona presence online via social media and on the website. We hope to have more information on that in the next issue of the Barzona Bul- letin. Until then, feel free to contact me, at lbard@blueprintma. com with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions or additions to the BB mailing list. BB

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