Barzona Bulletin summer 2019

Summer 2019

Barzona Bulletin A Publication of the Barzona Breeders Association of America A s I was considering what I want- ed to communicate to you after our annual meeting in Oregon, I reflected most upon the qual- By Dodd Carmichael, Wild N Grazy Farm, BBAA President BBAA officer team for 2019-2020. Front row, left to right:

Nancy Nunn, central director; Matt Heinz, vice president; Alecia Heinz, executive sec- retary; Back row, left to right: Garey Fischer, westerndirector; Dodd Carmichael, president; Raymond Boykin, east- ern  director.

ity of our hosts. I can’t say enough about the Fischers, their hospitality, their cattle and their family. They are pillars in their community and have done a wonderful job raising productive cattle and children in Spray, Ore. (They have seven children and their son, who spoke eloquently at our meeting, has his ninth child on the “What you are thunders so loudly that others can’t hear what you are saying.” way). They conduct themselves with a quiet confidence that says, ”I’m on my way, I know where I’m going, but I’m still listening and learning every day.” And, this is what it ultimately comes down to in the seedstock business – the character of the breeder and its reflection in the cattle they raise and sell. When our breeders are the right kind of people, the Barzona cattle speak for themselves. Be enthusiastic and friend- ly as you talk to people about what you like about your cattle. Be confident in the work you have accomplished with your cattle. Enjoy their productivity and fertili- ty with each new calving season. Build on – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nancy Nunn, Raymond Boykin and Matt Heinz look at Fischer Ranch cattle during the 2019 annual meeting of the BBAA.

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