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National Sale Consignment Fort Worth, Texas · Jan. 16, 2022 STAR ANNIE OAKLEY 10J PB102210 · 90.9%BV DOB: 03/20/2021 · BW 83, WW 695 STAR WINCHESTER 73 x STAR ELAINE 10E4 ET It pains us to let this one go, knowing the caliber of cow she will make. This female combines excellent structure, performance and a maternal cow family in a polled package. Selling full possession and retaining option to two flushes.

Congratulations Kaylin Jacobs and STAR ELLIE MAE 49H (certificate heifer by MAE MAGNUM PI) American Royal Livestock Show · Open Braunvieh Res. Grand Champion PB Female Junior Braunvieh Res. Grand Champion PB Female Washington Co. Fair · Res. Supreme Champion Scramble Heifer

Congratulations Luke Hamlin and STAR CHOCOLATE CHIP (29% BV out of a MAE MAGNUM PI daughter) 2021 Junior Nationals · Reserve Champion Prospect Steer North Texas State Fair · Reserve Champion ABC steer

MAGNUM PROGENY More than just phenotype

and maternal traits, they grade well too!

Congratulations Paxten Wolken and STAR BOBBY SUE (certificate heifer by MAE MAGNUM PI) Dixie National · Reserve Champion Braunvieh Female

Congratulations Shelby Brown and STAR SWEET TEA (flushmate to CHOCOLATE CHIP) 2021 Junior Nationals · Res. Division Champion Beef Builder Female LSU District Show · Champion AOB Female “I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God; Many will see and fear And will trust in the Lord.” Psalms 40:1-3

Leslie: 408-968-8470 Molly: 408-690-9961

Star Ranch Cattle

Thank You For Your Faith in the BLC Program i i

T hank You to the buyers, bidders, breeders, family and friends who supported us in the Brink Livestock Herd Reduction Sale. We worked 20+ years to build the Brink Braunvieh herd. It was gratifying to have that work validated by accomplished cattlemen, and to see cattle with

Thank You Buyers

the BLC prefix carry on in the breeding programs of so many herds. We believe in the future of Braunvieh cattle and will continue our program with the cattle remaining here on the ranch.

4 Kings Ranch, OK 4D Braunvieh LLC, TX Joseph Anderson, KS Big Blue Braunvieh, NE Black Sheep Farms, IN Bluebonnet Braunvieh, TX Lauren Bockel, TX Tony & Diane Bosworth, IN Bradbury Ranch, TX Cedar Bluff Farm, MO Darkside Braunvieh, MO Dugan Farms, LA Faith Cattle Company, NE Cole Franck, IA

Rilynn Kimble, CO Baiker King, OK Lazy H Farm Inc., NE Sam Lee, OK

Elmer & Carol Lehmann, KS Sean & Marie Lehmann, KS Lister Ranch LLC, OK Chad Lueking, IL McBee Cattle Company, MO Midwest Food Marketing, NE Antonio Muñoz, TX Tyler Mullins, AR Oak Ridge Braunvieh, WI R&D Farms, KY Red Valley Farm, PA Grace Sicinski, TX Star Ranch, TX Top of the Hill Farms, IN

Harvester Farm, VA Scott Houghton, WI Danny Hudson, KS Tom Hudson, KS Gracie Imhoff, MO J Bar Braunvieh, TX Andrew Jones, MO Avery Kimble, CO

W/W Cattle Co., AL Ayden Wolken, MS Eddie Zeigenbein, IN

Bob & Marilyn Brink 765 80th St., Piedmont, KS 67122 Bob (785) 766-6449 • Marilyn (785) 766-8713 e-mail: • Photos by C.A. Floyd & Judy (Brink) Grant B R I NK L I VES TOCK

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On the Cover: An ideal Braunvieh female at Bagley Farms, Cohutta, Ga. Photo by Darren Richmond

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The Best of Both Worlds

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Braunvieh World  Winter 2022



President’s Message with Robert Williams

While writing a “President’s Letter” has never been on my bucket list , I couldn’t be hap- pier than to be writing this one. Our last Braunvieh World was the Winter 2020 is- sue. When we couldn’t get enough support for our Spring/Summer 2021 issue, I was afraid that our Braunvieh World was gone for good. As I reflect on what has transpired over the past two years, I think the word change stands out. I think it is appropriate that the theme of this Braunvieh World is about the changes within the Braunvieh Association of America (BAA).

7607 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO 64151 (816) 599-7780 www. BOARD OFFICERS PRESIDENT • ROBERT WILLIAMS Section, Ala. (256) 599-5432 VICE PRESIDENT • COLBY KING Webber Falls, Okla. (918) 773-2153 SECRETARY •NESHA SMITH Rose Bud, Ark. (501) 454-3775 TREASURER • BOB GUNNETT Billings, Mo. (417) 343-3635 Chatfield, Texas (903) 641-1594 CALEB RUSSELL Jasper, Mo. (417) 793-6357 DANIEL ROBERTS Franklin, Ky. (270) 598-9848 BOARD OF DIRECTORS BENNY PHILLIPS

One of the biggest changes was to have the American Shorthorn Association manage our BAA office. They are doing an outstanding job of making sure our office is being managed with the BAA’s success as the ultimate goal. Another major change was becoming part of International Genetic Solutions (IGS), a multi-breed genetic evaluation. Thanks to IGS, we now have a true measuring stick of where Braunvieh cattle rank against other major breeds in terms of production traits. A strong database is the impetus behind another major change – Total Herd Reporting (THR). We know this rule change will be met with some resistance, confusion and frustration. However, we believe if you are a breeder and genet- ic improvement is important, then you should be contributing to that cause by becoming a THR breeder. If performance data and having expected progeny differences (EPDs) on your cattle is not important, then you can choose to be a Traditional Concept (TC) breeder, and nothing changes for you except your cattle will no longer have their EPDs displayed. We plan to have training videos, webinars, personal training – whatever it takes to explain the proper way to utilize THR. For those already using the Performance Option Program (POP), THR replaces it with very few changes. For those new to it, it is already built into DigitalBeef. It’s a simple management tool. Another rule is the registration classification rule. Please understand that this decision was made for two reasons. One was to eliminate the Breed-Up chart and use the Actual Genetic Makeup (AGM) to determine classification. The second was to eliminate cattle with an AGM below 82 percent Braunvieh being classified as purebred.

EVAN BARTLEY Springdale, Ark. (417) 813-7212 JASON PFEIFER Russell, Kan. (785) 483-1805 JOHN HALL Hedley, Texas 806-930-2560 MARK WOLKEN Mendenhall, Miss. (402) 793-5395 TODD HILL

A breed magazine is an integral part of any breed association. We are fortunate to be get- ting a second chance at this. The plan right now is to do a summer issue that will include the membership direc-

tory. The fate of this magazine rests in all our hands – the office, your officers and board and you, the member- ship. If we all do our part, next year someone new will get the honor of writing a “President’s Letter.” BW

Childress, Texas (806) 681-9333


Braunvieh World  Winter 2022


19th Annual




Big Blue Braunvieh, DeWitt, NE Maggie Blair, Custer, KY Bluebonnet Braunvieh, Chatfield, TX Shelby Britton, Bloomfield, IN Steve Currence, Webb City, MO Faith Cattle Co., Clay Center, NE Flying K Ranch, Sulphur Springs, TX Grigg Braunvieh Farm, Kings Mountain, NC Jake Immink, Endicott, NE Dane & Patricia Lambert, Purdin, MO Lazy H Farms, Wilber, NE

Sage & Charlotte Oakley, Vinita, OK Rock Creek Braunvieh, Fairbury, NE Rolling Oaks Ranch, Doniphan, MO Quail Pass Genetics, Billings, MO Schlautman Farm, Henderson, NE Kent Schroeder, Sweet Springs, MO Siebrandt Family Farm, Jansen, NE Steven Stoltzfus, Landisburg, PA Superior Braunvieh, Kings Mountain, NC

Annabelle Lehmann, LeRoy, KS Lister Ranch LLC, Lindsay, OK Audrey Lueking, Salem, IL Chad Lueking, Salem, IL

Jeremy Werneke, Nelson, MO Windy Valley Farm, Custer, KY

Joi n us for the 20th Ann i ver sar y Herd Bu i lder Sa l e 1st Saturday in November 2022

H ERD B UILDER C ONSIGNORS Keith & Keith Braunvieh Bolivar, MO 417-253-4693 Brink Livestock Piedmont, KS 785-766-6449 Rock Creek Braunvieh Fairbury, NE 402-300-0745 Lane & Lane Braunvieh Morrisville, MO 417-830-7318 B&R Farms Half Way, MO 417-327-4643

Lehmann Farm LeRoy, KS 620-490-0206 Patrick Spring Cattle Co. Springfield, MO 417-840-0494 PFR Braunvieh Russell, KS 785-483-1805 R&D Farms Franklin, KY 270-392-0688 Siebrandt Family Farms Jansen, NE 402-520-0543 W/W Cattle Co. Section, AL 256-228-6416 Wonderland Cattle Brighton, IL 618-466-8647

Big Blue Braunvieh DeWitt, NE 402-223-8367 Circle C Ranch Estelline, TX 504-495-7459 Creek’s Edge Braunvieh Shipman, IL 618-729-4379 Eades DCT Farms & Ranch LLC Bee Branch, AR 501-294-9228 Hiesterman Farms Palmer, KS 785-565-4102 J Bar Braunvieh Hedley, TX 806-930-2560 Jay H Farms & Jalyn Smith Rose Bud, AR 501-556-4758


The BEST of BOTH Worlds How Braunvieh Seedstock Producers Can Work More Closely with

Commercial Cattlemen Through IGS By Micky Burch, Braunvieh World Managing Editor

By definition, collaboration is the process of two or more people, entities or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. International Genetic Solutions (IGS), Bozeman, Mont., has taken that defini- tion to a new level by partnering with almost 20 differ- ent breed associations to create and manage the largest multi-breed beef cattle evaluation in the world, using the most advanced technology to combine data and compare expected progeny differences (EPDs) across breeds for ef- fective herd improvement. But what does all that mean for a single Braunvieh breeder who has a small herd? How does that benefit the commercial producer who buys a Braunvieh bull once every couple of years? Why did the Braunvieh Association of America (BAA) Board of Directors believe joining IGS as a partner was in the best interest of the association and its members? The short answer: Because the commercial cattle producer is at the heart of IGS – just like they’re at the heart of the BAA. Next, let’s dive into the long answer. Expanding EPDs Essentially, IGS is calculating EPDs across multiple breeds to account for different breed effects and hetero- sis instead of calculating EPDs from just a single breed. Many producers, influencers and cattle industry profes- sionals recognize the value and benefits of crossbreed- ing, especially heterosis (also known as hybrid vigor). Heterosis, which occurs when two different purebred breeds are mated together, is the superior performance of a crossbred offspring over the average performance of the purebred parent breeds. Another advantage of crossbreeding is breed comple- mentarity, or the act of mutually supplying traits each breed may not have. Breed complementarity offers pro- ducers the potential to compensate for a shortcoming in one breed’s trait performance with the superior trait at- tributes of another breed. Generally, these crosses result in the best of both worlds – an offspring that has optimal levels of both breed characteristics. To take advantage of breed complementarity, producers need information about the differences between breeds for specific traits. Where a single animal is concerned, an EPD takes all of the information available, including that animal’s DNA for a specific trait, like birthweight, into a calculation to pre- dict the performance of that animal’s offspring – not the performance of the animal itself. As information is added, EPD accuracy increases. Every animal is the result of the DNA they inherit from their parents interacting with their environment. The actual appearance or measurable feature of an animal or an individual animal trait is called phenotype, and perfor- mance measurements can be taken based on phenotype

to compare animals managed in the same environment or contemporary group (animals of the same gender, age and raised in the same management conditions). When devel- oping the models for genetic evaluation, tremendous focus is placed on how to account for non-genetic influences, like environment or contemporary group, on a trait. It’s important to remember that the phenotypic per- formance of an individual is only one indication of what they could possibly pass on to their offspring. In the end, using EPDs to select for traits of interest will dramatically increase the rate of improvement, especially when com- pared to using phenotypic selection. One point of interest is the biological law of indepen- dent assortment, which states each parent possesses two versions of a gene, but only one version is passed on to their progeny. Which of the two genes that is passed on to each individual progeny is completely random, and this randomness is what leads to genetic diversity. Consider calves that are full sibs: If we only have pedigree infor- mation, we’d have to assume they share 100 percent of their genes, but there are differences in their phenotypic performance. In the absence of performance data, these two animals would have the same EPDs, but once per- formance or DNA information is included in the evalu- ation, their EPDs will begin to deviate from each other as the evaluation begins to account for the difference in the genes inherited from their parents. The next step in genetic evaluation, genomic testing has become an industry standard. When an animal has ge-

Continued on page 16 Seedstock breeders, especially Braunvieh breeders, have for years identified the commercial cattle producer as their No. 1 customer. It just so happens that same person is the primary focus of IGS.


Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

N7R Polarsteel 57E

Semen $30 per straw

PB93728 Parent-Verified Owned with Benny Phillips, Bluebonnet Braunvieh

Stylish & Correct · Homozygous Polled · Calving Ease · Great Disposition Daughters in the Brink Sale were crowd favorites and commanded top prices. Pedigree is stacked with great cows, including Miss Golden Link 2015 three times.

Miss Golden Link 2015

Polarsteel at 18 months

Semen, $25 per straw, available on:

N7R Colonel Havelock 27F Homozygous polled, with calving ease and power in the same package. Great disposition. Owned with with Blue Feather Braunvieh, Kiowa, Colo., and Wilderness Braunvieh, Grangeville, Idaho.

N7R Montoya 27E Maternal sib to Havelock and paternal sib to Polarsteel. Polled with balanced traits, he was bull test stand out. Owned with Ridgefield Farms, Brasstown, N.C.

FR Bullfrog B88 Homozygous polled, big-footed and stout son of MHF Xerox and the great FR Treat 713T. Owned with with Blue Feather Braunvieh, Kiowa, Colo.

Semen also available on Rascal ET and many other Foundation Fullbloods. Look for our National Sale lots in the catalog insert. You will like them!

Diamond N 7 Ranch Mark Nelson | Hastings, Neb. 402-705-3907 | Website:


Jan. 1, 2022. This is a date that you will notice is repeated several times throughout these pages. It is a date that will bring many changes within the Braunvieh Association of America (BAA). Here, we will be going over some of the more important rule changes such as Braunvieh percentages, membership types and – you guessed it – fee changes. EXPLAINED By Heather Lange, Director of Office Operations, Registrations and DNA BRAUNVIEH ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA NEW RULES

First up, memberships. As of Jan. 1, 2022, membership is a require- ment to register any cattle with the BAA. There are three types of mem- berships within our association:  Active Memberships ($85 per year): for members older than 21 years of age who wish to register cattle and have full voting privi- leges.  Associate Memberships ($50 per year): for those interested in the advancement of Braunvieh cattle but do not intend to regis- ter any cattle.  Junior Memberships ($25 per year): for members younger than 21 years of age who wish to register cattle and will also become a voting member of the Junior Braunvieh Association of America (JBAA). Our website, , has links for you to sign up through the online portal or print a paper version to mail in. You can also contact the office to be sent paper copies of mem- bership applications. Memberships are due (renewed/ paid for) by March 31 of each year. Any memberships not paid by this date will be considered non-members and they must rejoin the BAA as a new member as well as a Total Herd Reporting (THR) breeder. This brings us to big change No. 2. Within the Active and Junior

BAA memberships, the Performance Option Program (POP) has become a thing of the past and has been replaced with THR. Members will need to decide if they want to be a THR breeder or a Traditional Con- cept (TC) breeder by Jan. 1, 2022. If this distinction hasn’t been made by the breeder, those who were previ- ously POP breeders will automatically become THR breeders, and previous non-POP breeders will become TC breeders. If a TC breeder wishes to switch to a THR breeder, they simply need to notify the office. However, once you have been made a THR breeder, you are not allowed to switch back to being a TC breeder. TC breeders (similar to non-POP) will be grandfathered in as such and will be permitted to stay a TC breeder as long as their membership stays up to date. Any TC breeder wishing to register animals but whose member- ship has lapsed after March 31 of any given year will be considered a non- member and must rejoin the BAA as a THR breeder. Only THR breeders will receive EPDs on their animals. THR breeders should have received their first THR assessment in Decem- ber 2021. This differs from the POP assessments in that THR assess- ments are required to be completed on your total herd . The purpose of the assessment is to clean up your female inventory as well as increase

performance and registration data accuracies within your herd. The more performance data turned in on the entire herd drastically increases the expected progeny difference (EPD) accuracy of the entire breed. With the assessment, you will get rid of any females that are no longer active in your herd (there is a list of disposal codes provided with assess- ments). There are special codes to give your virgin heifers, donor dams and non-Braunvieh cows because they are exempt from being assessed if they aren’t bred to have a natural Braunvieh calf in the calendar year. The assessment must be completed in its entirety for the year before any calf from that calendar year can be recorded. If you choose to cull your cows and make them inactive with the thought of just assessing them the next year, you have that option, too. However, there is a $30 reacti- vation fee on top of the assessment fee to bring her back. Below is a fee schedule for the THR assessments:  Assessments completed Dec. 1-Jan. 31 = $7 per head  Assessments completed Feb. 1-April 30 = $10 per head  Assessments completed after May 1 = $15 per head Please note that whatever assess- ment rate you pay initially for the calendar year is the same rate that you will get throughout the year. For example, if you complete your THR assessment Dec. 15 for the $7-per- head rate and then, in June, you add a commercial cow to your inventory to register a Beef Builder calf, you can assess that commercial cow for the same $7 rate that you paid



Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

initially. THR breeders who complete their assessments will also receive discounted rates on registrations and transfers of calves out of assessed cows:  THR registration younger than 12 months = $20  THR registration 12-24 months = $35  THR registration older than 24 months = $100  THR transfer (first) within 60 days from date of sale = $5  THR transfer (not first) within 60 days from date of sale = $20  THR transfer within immediate family = $5 THR breeders will have until Dec. 31 of the calendar year to complete any THR assessments that need to be added to their originally completed assessment. The ability to add a cow to the assessment (previously POP) through the birth data entry screen will no longer be allowed. The fol- lowing year, if a THR breeder did not complete the THR assessments on their herd and tries to register a calf from the previous year, there will be penalty fees for registrations:  Registration younger than 12 months = $60

in the registry will be grandfathered in as such and will maintain their purebred status until disposal of that animal. Also, any Braunvieh animal that would have qualified as a purebred under the rules before this change will still be eligible for registry as a pure- bred until Dec. 31, 2022. You may need to notify the office in this case. If you run into issues, we can help make the appropriate adjustments. The final adjustment made to Braunvieh percentages pertains to Beef Builder cattle. These animals, whether Certified Beef Builder (BC) or Non-Certified Beef Builder (BN), must have a minimum of 20 percent registerable Braunvieh blood by their AGM (and less than 82 percent). All animals as of Jan. 1, 2022, that have already been declared a BN or BC will be grandfathered in as such, and any animal that would have qualified as BN or BC under the rules before this

 Registration 12-24 months = $95  Registration older than 24 months = $200 If you are more of a visual learner, we have a how-to video in DigitalBeef that closely covers how to do the assessment online. However, be on the lookout for new video tutorials coming soon! Purebred vs. Percentage Braunvieh Next up, we will go over purebred Braunvieh and percentage Braun- vieh. We will first go over the “what” as far as the changes go, and then cover the “why.” As of Jan. 1, 2022, all percentages will be calculated from the Actual Genetic Makeup (AGM) of the individual – both male and female . Each animal will need to be at least 82 percent Braunvieh to be considered a purebred. As of Jan. 1, 2022, all animals that have already been declared a purebred

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PRIVATE TREATY Selling fullblood Braunvieh, Beef Builder and percentage bulls.

370 Strain Road • Cohutta, Georgia 30710 Blake Bagley (706) 280-7733

Tim Bagley (706) 217-5459


Braunvieh Registration Updates By Heather Lange, Director of Office Operations, Registrations and DNA

In addition to recent rule changes come a few adjustments to rules regarding registrations. You, as an active member, have two methods of registering your animals – online through the DigitalBeef registry or by filling out a registration applica- tion to be sent into the Braunvieh office to be processed manually. In an effort to encourage using the on- line registry, any work (registration or transfer) sent into the office to be done manually will incur a $5-per- animal manual entry fee.

your Braunvieh females and can be assessed just the same, which gets you the discounted registration fees on the Beef Builder calves out of them. The difference with them, however, is if they are not bred to have a Braunvieh calf for that assessment year, you can give them a code (non-Braunvieh cow inac- tive in herd), which will hold them over until the next year’s assessment. That way you don’t have to pay for them for that calendar year. If you have an animal that is registered with another breed and you want to use this animal to register a Beef Builder calf, just call

Photo from Tri C Cattle, LLC, Houston, Texas

Next, let’s briefly go over the use of commercial animals. It has come to our attention that there were previously animals that anyone could use to register their calves out of – especially Beef Builder calves. According to our rules, whoever owns the dam at the time of calving is who needs to register the calf. Those animals previously used didn’t have an owner listed, and some of them had hundreds of progeny recorded – not just embryo transfer (ET) calves. This activity has been put to rest. If you need to regis- ter a Beef Builder calf, you are responsible for creating a new commercial animal in your own account for the calf to be registered to. As far as Total Herd Reporting (THR) fees go, commercial cows show up in your inventory alongside

or email the office. We need to put these in the database for you, and we need a registration number for that animal from its respective breed to do so. Moving on to registration updates, all Braunvieh As- sociation of America (BAA) members are required to have a herd code (or herd prefix) that is no longer than four char- acters – letters, numbers or a combination of the two. This code must be unique for each breeder, the exception being family accounts, which can use the same prefix. This code also must be tattooed in one ear of the animal – it can be left or right (board recommends, but doesn’t mandate, the

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Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

Braunvieh Bulls Come off Test at PX Feeders actually consume for a given level of body weight, growth and produc- tion. Through research based on precise measurement of feed intake, GrowSafe company researchers hope to enhance genetic selection of cattle with superior feed efficiency – a mod- erately heritable trait – which could result in feed savings for producers while still achieving the same level of production, growth and body compo- sition. By selecting for RFI or intro- ducing low-RFI bulls to your herd, feed-related savings could continue to increase. After several years of genetic selection, producers could see improved baseline feed efficiency on the ranch, and savings could con- tinue to transfer to the cow herd as replacement heifers are retained. Braunvieh bulls on test were ultrasound scanned the first half of December, and put through a cool down period Dec. 15, 2021-Jan. 15, 2022. Final Braunvieh Association of America National Bull Test Sale selec- tions will be made Jan. 17. Bulls not qualifying for the sale are to be picked up from PX Feeders Jan. 24-28. 1/2 page horizontal Bra nvieh World R&D Farms Winter 2022

Sale bull prep, including trimming, clipping, videoing, trich and fertility testing, is scheduled for the first half of February. The sale, held online with PX

Braunvieh bulls were put on test at PX Feeders in Lorena, Texas, Aug. 23, 2021, and went through a warmup period from Sept. 1-30 before going on the GrowSafe cattle feeding sys- tem Oct. 1-Nov. 30. GrowSafe technology helps identify animals with low, or more efficient, residual feed intake (RFI) – a measure of feed efficiency that identifies the difference between what an animal is expected to consume vs. what they

Trade Book, PX Feeder’s own in-house sale system, is set for March 12. BW



ALL THREE will be available at the National Sale in Fort Worth on Jan. 16!


WinV/RDF Jester 1153H OB100965 | Co-owned with Windy Valley Farm



RDF Ivan 1135H ET OB101211

(270) 392-0688 cell 361 Draper Road, Franklin, KY 42134 Daniel, Bobbie, Megan & Kaleb Roberts

WW Fieldstone Jasmine 229Z OB80494 | Co-owned with Windy Valley Farm

Windy Valley Braunvieh Scott & Maggie Blair | (270) 668-5451


Welcome New Members Active Members Old 13 Farms LLC, Henry Labiche, Section, Ala. Southern Style Farm, Phillip White, Albertville, Ala. Collie Farms, David Collie, Malvern, Ark. JHC Farms, Jeff Cathey, Warren, Ark. Stonewall Ranch, Johnny or Vicki Doyal or James L. Cheek, Cove, Ark. Juan Carlos Sanchez, DVM, Seffner, Fla. Bar C Livestock LLC, Josh Cantrell, Dahlonega, Ga. Two Creek Cattle Co., Jonathon Rosenau or Brandon Randall, Nezperce, Idaho Brown Run Farm, Robert Anderson, Lacon, Ill. Thomas Gray, Orles, Ind. Top of the Hill Farm, Keesha Hill, Lexington, Ind. White Villa Acres LLC, Andrew W. Beetz, Sunman, Ind. Halcomb Farms, Justin Halcomb, Oakland, Ky. Dean and Patricia Lambert, Purdin, Mo. R Ranch Braunvieh, James Ramer, California, Mo. Leaning Oaks Farms, Katie and/or Joe Schengbier, Leslie, Mo. Missouri Braunvieh Association, Larry Lane, Morrisville, Mo. Morlen Family Farm, Joe Morlen, Walnut Grove, Mo. Rolling Oaks Ranch, Carson Priddle, Doniphan, Mo. Skym Braunvieh Ranch, Frank and Wanda Skym, Wentworth, Mo. Caren Farms LLC, Damon Harris, Picayune, Miss. C&F Farms LLC, Jared Comer, Mantachie, Miss. Loren Harris, Carriere, Miss. Ryan and Kayla Butler, Magee, Miss. Scotley Braunvieh Farm, W. Scott Crawford/Shelley Crawford, Kings Mountain, N.C. Superior Braunvieh Farm, Ryan Grigg, Kings Mountain, N.C. Faith Cattle Co., Faith Huneke, Clay Center, Neb. Lazy H Farm Inc., Stewart and Joleen Huneke, Wilber, Neb. Schlautman Farms, Brandon Schlautman, Henderson, Neb. Strait H Farms, Steve and Angela Hauschel, Fairbury, Neb. Howlin’ Dog Cattle Co., Robert Edmonson, Mountain View, Okla. Jeffco Cattleco, Jeff Mcfarland, Coweta, Okla. Lister Ranch LLC, Tyler O. Lister, Lindsay, Okla. Charles Parker, Cleveland, Ga. T&M Farm, Travis Horne, Jr., Glenwood, Ga.

Junior Members Hunter Charles, Rose Bud, Ark. Maison Bartley, Springdale, Ark. Weston Cain, Raisin Cain Ranch, Des Arc, Ark. Rilynn Kimble, Montrose, Colo. Joanna Sanchez-Pacheco, Valrico, Fla. Adalyn Knapp, Salem, Ind. Camielle Conrad, Seymour, Ind. Meredith Conrad, C-Squared Braunvieh, Ind. Natalie Zeigenbein, Campbellsburg, Ind.

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Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

If you are more of a visual learner, we

considered a purebred Braunvieh bull, and his progeny were calculat- ed on a classified percentage of the bull being 100 percent Braunvieh blood. Therefore, those progeny were getting an AGM that was diluted by 3.1 percent. When this persists for multiple generations, the AGM of purebred Braunvieh cattle has been lowered in some cases to less than 82 percent or even less than 80 percent. Adding onto this, the BAA Board eventually plans to raise the 82 percent minimum to 86 percent. This will occur at a later date when the percentages can be reviewed in the registry to determine if it is feasible for the majority of those purebred cattle to make that adjustment. The board has also taken action to eliminate the 1/8 minimum for Beef

NEW RULES, EXPLAINED Continued from page 11

have a how-to video in DigitalBeef that closely covers how to do the assessment online. However, be on the lookout for new video tutorials coming soon! Builder animals, changing it to a 20 percent AGM minimum (which would have been 25 percent on the old, classified percentages) due to lack of participation (fewer than 10 head per year). In conclusion, by using an 82 percent AGM minimum for pure- bred consideration as well as raising the minimum AGM to 20 percent Braunvieh blood for Beef Builders, the board believes they are actually raising the standards for purebred Braunvieh cattle in the registry. If you have any questions sur- rounding these changes, we encour- age you to reach out to your board. BAA staff will strive to help you understand these changes, as they are new to us as well. BW

change will still be eligible for registry as such until Dec. 31, 2022. Again, you may need to notify the office in this case. If you run into issues, we can help make the appropriate ad- justments. Last, we will go over the “why” of this percentage change. Per BAA Board action, the AGM of 82 percent switch was made to increase the real percentage of Braunvieh blood in the purebred Braunvieh registry. Using the past “traditional” classified per- centages, used by most breeds, there is a dilution of actual Braunvieh blood in every purebred animal that is not actually 100 percent genetic makeup with the BAA. For example, a 15/16 (93.75 per- cent) Braunvieh bull was previously


Bluebonnet Braunvieh The Source for Polled Braunvieh Cattle



N7R Polar Steel II 57E SGP Nuts & Bolts 959E

BRAUNVIEH PARTNERS SALE April 2, 2022 • Mount Pleasant, Texas Look for our selection of cows and heifers being offered in this sale!

Benny J. & Marilyn Phillips P.O. Box 66, Chatfield, Texas 75105 Bluebonnet Braunvieh

903.345.2243 phone 903.641.1594 mobile

ALSO OFFERING FOR SALE PRIVATE TREATY 30 Purebred and Commercial Heifers


The Commercial Cowman The bottom line is, EPDs are better indicators for genetic merit than anything else available to seedstock breeders. And seedstock breeders, especially Braunvieh breeders, have for years identified the commercial cattle producer as their No. 1 customer. It just so happens that same person is the primary focus of IGS. In order to equip commercial cattlemen and women with the most accurate information to make the most in- formed buying decisions, IGS started directly comparable across-breed evaluations. Now, cattle of various breeds are on an equal basis for comparison. The fact is, no single breed can meet the needs of every cattle producer. Now, more than ever, commercial pro- ducers need information to make clear choices that allow them to find and utilize the genetic package that meets their ever-changing needs, resources and goals. The seedstock sector of the beef industry has long been characterized by many individual breeds, all claim- ing they are the answer for the commercial producer. Some breeds have been able to capitalize on that claim, resulting in a homogeneous cow herd to the detriment of genetic diversity and the loss of the advantages of hybrid vigor and breed complementarity. In today’s cattle production environment, all breeds have value in their unique contributions to the gene pool. Without genetic diversity, producers are limited in their capacity to advance their herd genetics. Going forward, there are several tactics IGS recom- mends producers implement through their breed associa- tion to improve the genetic predications of their herd:  Total Herd Reporting (THR) – see page 10 of this issue for more about the BAA switching to THR. Undoubtedly, THR offers the most complete picture of the genetics involved in your herd.  Proper contemporary groups – It’s important for genetic evaluation that you group, to the best of your ability, animals that are treated uniformly. Proper reporting of contemporary groups ensures better predictions for all.  Take data collection and reporting seriously – Phenotypes are the fuel that drives genetic evalua- tion. Take pride in collecting accurate data. If pos- sible, try to collect additional phenotypes like mature cow weight, cow body condition score, feed intake and carcass data.  Use genomics – DNA testing adds more informa- tion to what we know about an animal. The more genotypes we collect, the better we can predict DNA- tested animals in the future. Also, the more relatives genotyped, the better we can predict their relatives in future generations. Therefore, to ensure your bloodlines are well represented in the predictions, genotype your animals. While the process of calculating EPDs on the world’s largest multi-breed database is complex, IGS part- ners have taken a revolutionary step by presenting the resulting EPD on a common base, thus allowing com- mercial producers to directly compare the genetic merit of animals regardless of breed composition. Whether your breeding objective is to develop the next generation of purebred seedstock or reap the proven benefits of structured crossbreeding, IGS provides the industry’s most reliable genetic solution tools to assist in achieving producers’ goals. BW

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Continued from page 8

nomic information included in the evaluation, it allows for the identification of the actual genes, or genetic markers, the animal has inherited. Knowing an animal has specific markers for a trait and how that marker contributes to that trait increases the reliability and predictive power of the EPD. The IGS multi-breed genetic evaluation calculates genomically enhanced EPDs in one step using DNA, pedigree information and phenotypes simultaneously. It’s important to remember that reporting performance records will remain a critical step in genetic evaluation. The value of genomic predictions increases as the amount of phenotypic information increases. Furthermore, at this point, animals can’t achieve high accuracy with genomic data alone. High-accuracy EPDs are only achieved by col- lecting phenotypic records from offspring. The key difference between a multi-breed genetic evaluation and single-breed genetic evaluation is that the multi-breed approach allows massive amounts of hybrid and crossbred data to be analyzed and connected along- side purebred animals. As long as there are shared sire groups between breed populations, a multi-breed genetic evaluation is possible. The mindset behind this type of genetic evaluation com- pared to a single-breed evaluation is the more steam (data) added, the more powerful the engine (IGS) can run. Current- ly, IGS is running with more than 20 million animal records combined from their partners and is only gaining steam. JBAA Members to ‘Show and Glow’ This Summer in the Show-Me State Braunvieh enthusiasts are invited to Springfield, Mo., for the 2022 National Junior Braunvieh Show, scheduled for June 20-25. The week will be full of socials, contests, shows, friends and memories for Junior Braunvieh As- sociation of America members and their family, friends and supporters. “Like” our Junior Braunvieh Association of America Facebook page and follow us on Instagram (juniorbraunvieh) to stay up to date on information and entry deadlines throughout the spring. BW

HOST HOTEL Hotel rooms are now open for booking at: Comfort Inn and Suites Springfield I-44

2815 N. Glenstone Ave. Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 459-4854

BLOCK NAME Junior Braunvieh Association of America

BECOME A SPONSOR Sponsorships are now being accepted to ensure a successful show. Email information.jbaa@gmail. com to become a sponsor today.



Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

DigitalBeef for Braunvieh Breeders DigitalBeef Is Proud to Be the New Registry Software Provider for the Braunvieh Association of America.

manage your data by easily inputting it straight into the system. The member/producer has the ability to submit registrations, enter performance data, submit transfers, order DNA and check the status of those orders, pay invoices and more. You also gain access to your herd inventory, account details, invoice history, along with a number of other beneficial real-time reports. Do You Need Help Learning How to Use DigitalBeef? There are a few different options if you meet some challenges along the way learning the DigitalBeef system. Continued on page 18

By Jaye Massey, DigitalBeef Director of Operations

What Is DigitalBeef? In 2013, Joseph Massey, Ph.D., a former beef breed as- sociation executive, realized that beef cattle associations, along with other associations, needed a registration pro- gram to address new, evolving needs like tracking geneti- cally enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs), genetic defects and real-time transactions tracking. He re- cruited Jim Bulger, our current lead developer with whom he had worked in the past, and they formed DigitalBeef.

Over the years, DigitalBeef has built an extensive customer base that includes more than 20 associations in the beef cattle, equine and ovine industries. Our goal at DigitalBeef is to provide the tools to help associations and their members collect data seamlessly, and quickly receive meaningful results and actionable insights. DigitalBeef is more than just a system to register your cattle – it is a complete cattle management system. We’ve designed our products so that you, the producer, can better


BRAUNVIEH REGISTRATION UPDATES Continued from page 12 right ear) – and the ear location of the animal ID number must also be designated (left, right or both ears). Also, when registering calves, the three options for “sex” are as follows: M (male), F (female), and S (steer). You can register your male calves as steers, or you can register them as bulls and change them to steers when you add their weaning data. The final change for registrations pertains to the name of your animals. We have extended the number of characters allowed for names to up to 35 characters. Keep in mind that your herd code/prefix will automatically take up four spaces, as it is added to the name of every animal registered. Stay tuned for new video tutorials. We will be creating new how-to videos that cover Braunvieh-specific activi- ties, including how to do online THR assessments, registrations, transfers, etc. We look forward to our continued work with you. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the BAA office. BW Once you get logged in, you will see a section on the menu for How-To Videos. If you are new to DigitalBeef, this is a great place to start. We also have a helper guide inside each of the Work Queues. To access this, simply go into your queue and click on the Page Guide. This will walk you through how to fill out the queue and get your information submitted. If you need help getting logged in or can’t find the answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to the Braunvieh office at or (816) 599-7780. To learn more about DigitalBeef DIGITALBEEF Continued from page 17


January 2022 3 Calendar and Events

Springdale, Ark. E: 417.813.7212 J: 817.925.3154


Cattlemen’s Congress Braunvieh Show, Oklahoma City, Okla. BAA Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas National Braunvieh Sale, Ft. Worth, Texas National Braunvieh Show, Ft. Worth, Texas San Angelo Junior Braunvieh Show, San Angelo, Texas Houston Livestock Show Braunvieh Show, Houston, Texas BAA National Bull Test Sale, online with PX Trade Book BAA Annual Membership Renewals Due H O F F





Danny Joe & Deana IMHOFF (660) 888-3349




February 13

14425 Santa Fe Rd. Boonville, MO 65233

March 7

DARREN RICHMOND Ringgold, Ga. (423) 364-9281



To place an ad in Braunvieh World Contact Sales Representative: DARREN RICHMOND MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY ISSUE COMING SOON! SUMMER 2022 Trey Saunders 2100 Stern Road Chappell Hill, Texas 77426 (979) 551-0718 Tri C Cattle LLC Fullblood, Purebred, & Percentage Braunvieh Cattle SALE CATTLE • HERD SIRES • DONOR COWS • Facebook/Darren Richmond

April 2

Braunvieh Partners Sale, Mount Pleasant, Texas 7-10 Texas State Braunvieh Show, Wichita Falls, Texas 16 McBee Cattle Company Spring Selection Day Sale, Fayette, Mo. 29 Adding Value Production Sale, Athens, Tenn. May 14 Midwest Regional Spring Braunvieh Sale, Springfield, Mo. 21 Braunvieh Field Day, Searcy, Ark. June 20-25 National Junior Braunvieh Show, Springfield, Mo.

and the other products we offer, visit . We are excited to have you on board and look for- ward to working with you. BW Advertiser Index

(423) 364-9281

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Braunvieh World  Winter 2022

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