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tracted to the breed for its efficiency in producing quality beef. Frank passed away in 2012, but his dream has been carried

They get the beef processed at a USDA-certified packer, which allows them to sell their beef at the farmers market. Over the years, they’ve grown large enough to have their own beef label. They sell ground beef, roast, steaks, beef smokies, hamburger pat ties and beef sticks. In order to trans port their beef products to the farm ers market, they have a larger freezer mounted on a trailer so they can sell beef right out of the cooler. The smaller carcass size of Ameri can Aberdeen cattle appeals to Idaho Livestock because it allows for better portion control, with uniform shape and size of the retail beef cuts. They are proud that a majority of their customers become repeat consum ers who won’t buy beef anywhere else after experiencing the great-tasting American Aberdeen beef they raise. Whether small-acreage breeders, like the Benders, or producers looking to diversify their operation, like Idaho Livestock, American Aberdeens’ suite of traits places breeders in a unique position where they have the opportu nity to raise more high-quality beef on fewer acres, all while being profitable in the process and providing consum ers with high-quality, tasty beef. TL

on by his son, John, and ranch managers, Jay and Diana Lillelflo ren. Since starting the ranch more than a decade ago, they have purchased more land. “We continued to buy more acreage around the ranch so we could grow the herd,” John says. The herd started with 10 fullblood American Aberdeen heifers and has grown to include

market. Founded in 2008, Idaho Live stock specializes in raising top-of-the line fullblood, Moderator ® and Modera tor Plus ® American Aberdeen cattle. Frank Tomlinson and his wife, Carma, started the operation and were at Idaho Livestock sells premium American Aberdeen beef at the local Kootenai County Farmers Market and has developed its own beef label, which local customers keep return ing to buy.

more than 50 head. A primary reason for adding additional acreage was to raise more steers to retain and finish, as their locally sold, natural-beef busi ness was growing. They raise a select number of steers to retain and finish at the ranch. The natural-raised beef is sold private treaty year-round, and individual retail cuts are sold at their local Kootenai County Farmers Market from May through October.


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