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FEATURES New Branded-Beef Program Targets High-End Consumers


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Aberdeen Premium Beef ™ set to capture designer beef market.

American Aberdeen Association ® Facilitates Data Collection AAA to start incorporating data collection practices into their recommendations to members. Producer pleased with results after adding American Aberdeens to herd. Membership Directory Annual reference listing of AAA members. One Size Fits All 14 12 19 Making Calving a Great Experience


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DUFF BELIEVE IN ME 1805 Act. BW: 60 lbs • March 2020 Weight: 1,680 lbs • Scrotal: 44 cm







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AMERICAN ABERDEEN ASSOCIATION ® 19590 East Main Street, Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138 • (303) 840-4343 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President CRAIG WALKER • W Diamond Livestock Co. 1601 Springfield Rd. • Roswell, NM 88201 (575) 626-7444 Vice President DARWIN ENGELKES • Pine Hurst Farm 16927 H Ave. • Wellsburg, IA 50680 (319) 415-0540 Secretary NEIL EFFERTZ • Effertz EZ Ranch 17350 Hwy 1804 N. • Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 471-0153 • Director GARY GILBERT • Gilbert Aberdeen Angus 3986 Lindahl Rd. • Hermantown, MN 55810 (218) 348-7877 Director ROB FANNING • Fanning Cattle Co. 877 Oakland Lane • Harrodsburg, KY 40330 (309) 373-2996 Director ALLEN SIEVERKROPP • S Four Farms PO Box 235 • Ephrata, WA 98823 (509) 750-4203 Director KENNY HINDS • Comanche Beef 3302 Twilight Beach Rd. • Duncan, OK 73533 (580) 656-4383

PRESIDENT ’S COLUMN  CRAIG WALKER, DVM W elcome to the second edition of the Ameri can Aberdeen Association ® (AAA) Member ship Directory. Within these pages, you will find the contact information for every active AAA member. We encourage you to keep this directory handy and reach out to your fellow members frequently. 2020 got off to an unprecedented start, but the AAA Board and committee members have adjusted and plowed through the COVID-19 madness, continuing to take your breed to the next level. Be sure to read this edition from cover to cover. It is filled with valuable information on where the breed is going. Here is a quick summary of three topics that are close to my heart. Breed Improvement: Profitable beef cattle production can and should be measured. We are thrilled to be working with International Genetics Solution (IGS) partners under the guidelines of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF). We hope all breeders will get involved and voluntarily adopt the suggested guidelines. We aim to drive breed progress and improvement, identify highly profitable cattle and ensure the success of our customers and the American Aberdeen breed. Read more on page 12. JUNIOR CORRAL  JAYSIE SCHOENFIELD, AJAA PRESIDENT H ello everyone! I hope all of you have been healthy and well during these times of un certainty. If there is one thing that has come out of the pandemic, it is the importance of our friends and family. There is nothing more we want to do than be with our stock show family! Although we will not be able to meet in person this year, I hope we all take the time to reach out and connect with our stock show family. The American Junior Aberdeen Association (AJAA) plays a critical role in the future of the American Aberdeen breed. If there is nothing invested into the youth, there is no hope for the future. The juniors of today will be the leaders in years to come. The AJAA gives youth opportunities to better themselves and the people around them. Opportunities today may be taken for granted, but we will look back on and appreciate the lessons we learned through the AJAA. Showing isn’t all about who can fit the best and who has the best cattle. I would be lying if I said winning wasn’t fun, but there is so much more that is taught during the in-between moments. It is about developing young men and women who we can send into the world to do great things. It is about devel oping relationships that will last a lifetime. It is having a group of people who have the same interest in and passion for the cattle industry. The American Aberdeen breed has the potential to last for decades to come. But we have to see the bigger picture of what is in front of us. We have to find our why and come together for the benefit of all involved. My challenge to everyone is to expand your team. Find one person to take under your wing and mentor them, make them a part of your family, get them involved in AJAA events and create the culture of a successful team. I promise you there is no better feeling in the world than watching a friend or teammate succeed. Even with the uncertainty ahead of us, reach out to people and grow your team! TL Aberdeen Premium Beef (APB): Our designer beef program is off and run ning. The first APB-qualified cattle were harvested and are being marketed un der this brand name. There is no better time to start marketing our beef to the masses. Simply call IMI Global to get started. Learn more about APB on page 8. ABRI: Get ready to be amazed. The office has been diligently working to upgrade to a new Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) version that will provide you more control of your data/records at your fingertips. Online registration, transfers and data entry just got a whole lot easier. Look for ZOOM training sessions to be announced late this summer. I hope you all have a safe and prosperous summer. TL

AAA Representative  DEAN PIKE

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For information about registering animals or membership, contact the AAA Office: 19590 East Main Street, Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138 • (303) 840-4343 The American Aberdeen Association ® is a not-for-profit corporation of North Dakota dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Aberdeen cattle . The International Year Code for 2020 is: H


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New Branded-Beef Program Targets High-End Consumers

Aberdeen Premium Beef ™ set to capture designer beef market


W ith today’s market chal lenges, now more than ever, beef producers need to minimize ranch expenses while maximizing harvest premiums to capture the most profit. Meanwhile, with the COVID-19 pan demic leaving some grocery shelves empty, consumers are increasingly interested in buying their food closer to home. With tremendous opportu nity knocking at the door, the Ameri can Aberdeen Association ® (AAA) has boldly entered the room with Aberdeen Premium Beef™, a superior quality, branded-beef program geared toward upscale consumers. “The taste, texture and tender ness of Aberdeen Premium Beef is exceptional,” says Neil Effertz, North Dakota American Aberdeen breeder and AAA secretary-treasurer. “Our retail customers who have purchased Aberdeen Premium Beef marvel at the meat’s fine texture and intense, robust flavor.” Craig Walker, AAA president and New Mexico cattleman, echoes that breeders across the country can’t keep American Aberdeen beef in stock; once they try it, it’s their No. 1 choice in beef. Combined with the white table cloth-level taste that could headline menus at the finest restaurants in New York City or Los Angeles, Aberdeen

Premium Beef has a special appeal to consumers as the most environmen tally friendly beef product available. “Aberdeen Premium Beef is an eco friendly product that appeals to envi ronmentally conscientious consum ers,” Walker says. “It’s not going to negatively impact the environment be cause American Aberdeen cattle use one-third less feed and spend one third less time on feed to finish earlier with a high percentage of Choice and Prime grades. And all this can be done without added hormones. “With one-third less impact on the environment, no other breed of cattle can claim more sustainability and a lower carbon footprint than American Aberdeen cattle,” he adds. The brand targets a different con sumer than the average branded-beef program. The designer beef appeals to an urban customer who has dispos able income and wants to feel good about how they are making the world a better place. “We aren’t trying to put American Aberdeen beef in McDonald’s Happy Meals,” Walker says. “This product is geared toward a consumer shopping at a Whole Foods Market or designer boutique grocery store. We want con sumers to recognize the eco-friendly values of this product and look for ward to having it again.” For cattle producers selling their beef locally, the more proportionately correct carcass halves or quarters also fit most consumers’ freezer space better, plus it fits their health better, too, Walker says.

“If my doctor told me I could only eat X amount of steak, I don’t want a 21-inch ribeye that slices up to be a quarter of an inch thick. That’s not a good dining experience. I want a 12-inch ribeye that is 1 1/4 inches thick. That’s a much better sit-down, gourmet-type dining experience.” For consumers who also yearn for a taste of yesteryear, Aberdeen Premi um Beef wins again. While American Aberdeen cattle may seem new to some U.S. ranchers, the genetics actu ally trace back to the original Angus cattle hailing from Scotland, when beef was king of the plate. Ameri can Aberdeen genetics are the result of the top genetics from the Angus breed in 1929 that were purchased and maintained in a closed research herd in Australia. Effertz imported some of those genetics into the United States in 1996, and now, to ensure the breed’s purity, American Aberdeen breeders DNA verify their registered seedstock. With less gene dilution, today’s American Aberdeen cattle maintain profitability at the cow-calf level through moderate cow size, efficiency and the traditional eating quality of Angus genetics that make consumers crave beef above all other proteins. How the Consumers’ Win Means Gains for Commercial Producers Breeding calves tailored for the Aberdeen Premium Beef program rewards commercial producers two-

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Maternal Power

HIC The Natural

HIC Ahhh Sukie

HIC Rooster Cogburn

HIC Ahhh Sukie by JH Mister Jack 5A Calved: 3/08/2019 Reg. #FM 40545 Fullblood Bull

B&B’s Peppadew by FCC SRF Legacy 2E Calved: 4/20/2019 Reg, #FM 40840 Fullblood Bull

B&B’s Peppadew

You’ve Seen the Perfection’s Girls...Now Its’ the Boys Turn! Proven Genetics that Work Every Time. Kathleen P. Smith 3035 Hadensville Fife Rd.

Goochland, VA 23063 Phone: 804.543.6545

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“This is not your average branded-beef product. We are an elite, designer beef breed.” –Craig Walker, AAA president

Aberdeen Premium Beef Continued from page 8

fold — premiums for your steer calves after harvest and improvements to your cow herd’s efficiency and bottom line with retained heifer calves. Three cow herd problems can be solved in one breeding season. “You can eliminate all calving dif ficulties with your first-calf heifers, while also moderating your cow size if you retain those females,” Effertz says. “We know that you can produce more pounds of beef per acre by tak ing about 300 pounds off your mature cow size.” At the other end of the production chain, American Aberdeens reach premium quality grades and a desir able finish weight quicker and cheap er than most breeds, and that puts money back into your pocket. “Our goal is to get a $10 per hun dredweight premium on Aberdeen Premium Beef cattle at harvest, so a 1,250-pound American Aberdeen cross steer would see a $125 pre

deen Plus ® , and whose DNA is on file with the AAA. If you need help finding an eligible sire or dam, visit AAA’s website, The fourth step is to register with IMI Global and obtain electronic ID tags. There is an initial $5-per-animal charge at the onset of the process with the first $3 going to IMI Global, and the remaining $2 to be paid to AAA for general product promotion. Included in that charge is an EID tag that ties your calves to your premise ID number and stays with the indi vidual animal throughout the process to maintain traceability. For more in formation about tags or to download an application form, visit https:// premium-beef/. Contact information for IMI Global is provided at this link as well. Cattle will then need to be fed out and harvested through an IMI Global certified feeding system and process ing facility to maintain source and age verification. At harvest, there is an $8 per head fee, of which AAA receives $5 and IMI Global receives $3. Adding Value for Seedstock Breeders Having come full circle, Aberdeen Premium Beef drives market demand for American Aberdeen seedstock. “One goal of Aberdeen Premium Beef is to create market demand for American Aberdeen genetics from commercial producers who are want ing to produce this beef,” Effertz says. “I think everybody in the seed stock business ultimately has the goal of genetically producing cattle that produce desirable and more ef ficient beef,” he adds. “We have the capability of producing an extremely desirable product for the retail market that will also drive bull demand for American Aberdeen breeders.” “We have a special product with an end game market for cattlemen,” Walker explains, summing up the program’s opportunities. “This is not your average branded-beef product. We are an elite, designer beef breed. We are embracing our place in the market with this product. The possi bilities are endless.” And that’s a win for ranchers and consumers alike. TL

communicate to consumers about the health, safety and welfare of American Aberdeen beef. Walker says the only limitation cattle producers have with this pro gram is the limitation they put on themselves. “IMI Global has every certification available,” he explains. “If you want to build a grass-fed, branded product, IMI Global can take you through every step of that process, while maintain ing the standards for Aberdeen Premi um Beef. The ground-level tool allows you to take your product however far you want to go as a breeder.” Doubling Down on How the Program Works To participate in the program, you must first have a premise ID from your state veterinarian’s office. This is nor

mium,” Effertz explains. “If you add additional labels to Aberdeen Pre mium Beef such as no hormone, all natural or grass fed, premiums might be significantly more than that.” The Aberdeen Premium Beef label is a baseline age- and source-verified program that will allow additional labels if the producer so desires. The AAA Board worked with IMI Global to provide third-party source, age and breed verification on the cattle. As the No. 1 provider of verification services to the food industry, Effertz says IMI Global’s involvement in the beef industry will help producers

mally a free process. To find contact information for your state, visit www. malhealth/traceability/state-pin. Second, you must be Beef Qual ity Assurance (BQA) certified. You can complete this online certifica tion in fewer than three hours at . The third requirement is that all calves entering the Aberdeen Pre mium Beef program must be out of a registered American Aberdeen bull or cow that is classified as a fullblood, Moderator ® , Moderator Plus ® or Aber-




GRAND CHAMPION  2018 NAILE 2018 HIGH-SELLING BULL  Aberdeen Supreme Sale SEMEN AVAILABLE $25/straw

$100 fullblood certificates $50 percentage certificates

SIRE: Fairwyn’s Legacy DAM: TNT Lavaca FM34473



SIRE: Lazy G Johnnie Walker DAM: Lazy G Sawn 8Z42 FM38681 Owned with: 4 Skors Ranch , Willston, N.D. Effertz EZ Ranch , Bismarck, N.D.


Dick & Patti Shulanberger Wagoner, OK (918) 691-9555

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American Aberdeen Association ® Facilitates Data Collection


D ecision-making tools are ing in the decision-making process. Seedstock production has a rich his tory of data collection, where breed ers gain useful insight to how their animals stack up against stock within their own herd and others. Currently, industry organizations use various data points to include in a genetic evaluation for the calcula tion of expected progeny differences (EPDs). These highly sophisticated and modernized tools are similar to other critical metrics of success found in other industries. The first step for breed associations to take in the development of EPDs is a comprehensive data collection program. The American Aberdeen Association ® (AAA) is in the beginning stages of incorporating data collec tion practices into their recommenda tions to members. AAA President Craig Walker un derstands the benefits of this step forward in the industry. “It’s really important moving for ward,” Walker says. “We’re positioned to collect data so we can actually validate and justify exactly what we are as a breed.” As a breed, American Aberdeen is unique to others in the industry with many strengths that commercial cat tlemen and end-product users can uti lize and enjoy. Walker agrees, though crucial to any business, and behind any powerful tool is a large amount of data assist

the breed claims to excel in certain areas of production, it may also lack the data and facts to prove it. “So many times, we hear our breeders say they want to improve the breed,” Walker says. “They are here to improve the breed and the reality of it is that if you asked them what that meant, they couldn’t tell you.” Members should be aware that, although it is a new practice in their American Aberdeen seedstock pro duction, data collection will help posi tion them into the future. AAA mem bers should familiarize themselves with whole contemporary group data capturing, pedigree awareness and proper data techniques. “What we are trying to do as an association is get to a point where we are collecting information that will help us become relevant and known to commercial cow herds,” Walker says. Starting this process of implement ing data collection prepares the breed for future success, all the while open ing opportunities for future partner ships. Few groups understand the value of breed association data and, when pooled with other breed associations, how it uplifts all involved. Chip Kemp, International Genetic Solutions (IGS) director of commer cial and industry operations, explains how breed associations can leverage the size and scale of the collaborative database.

“The beauty of IGS is it’s a collabor ative effort,” Kemp says. “The relation ship is one where each association benefits and strengthens the others and, more important, the members and clients of those members.” The product of this collaborative effort is the most useful and reliable genetic predictions that breed as sociation members can use to move their herd forward and bring valuable awareness to their customers. “IGS’s core competency is to pro vide the most credible, useable, relat able, genetic prediction tools in the beef business – EPDs and economic selection indexes – that our commer cial clientele, regardless of their breed type usage or their relationship in the past can utilize,” Kemp explains. “One of the real strengths of IGS is the connectivity of sires used across all breed populations and composite development. This gives a small breed population who might be behind in terms of data acquisition an opportu nity to greatly accelerate the tradition al approach of ‘catching up,’” Kemp points out. Even for smaller breed groups, a commitment to data acquisition, building solid contemporary groups and in-depth pedigree awareness can lead to EPDs. Kemp describes how IGS can help expedite the process. “A commitment to data acquisition, building solid contemporary groups and in-depth pedigree awareness to day in 2020 can lead to EPDs that are just as sophisticated and credible as any in the business today in the next 5-10 years,” Kemp says. “Prior to IGS, in reality, this sort of accelerated ge netic awareness just couldn’t happen with smaller breed populations.”

Starting this process of implementing data collection prepares the breed for future success, all the while opening opportunities for future partnerships.

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Making Calving a Great Experience

BY HANNAH JOHLMAN, CONTRIBUTING WRITER E ight years ago, Neil Biwer realized he had a prob lem: his first-calf heifers were struggling to breed back and he couldn’t put his finger on why. Biwer was raising commercial, black-hided cattle and, at the time, was breeding them to the lowest birthweight bulls he could find until he heard about a program his neighbor was using. “My neighbor couldn’t always keep someone there help ing him part time and he couldn’t always be there, so he decided to try these American Aberdeen over his first-calf heifers,” Biwer says. “He had some pretty good success with it, and he said to me one day, ‘Well, what do you think, Neil?’” Biwer had a feeling most of his heifers’ problems were from stress during calving, something that he thought per haps American Aberdeen genetics could alleviate. “I really felt like we’d gone to as low of birthweight bulls as we could, but we were still assisting a lot of our calves,” he says. “I wanted to get to a point where, in my mind, this heifer had a really good calving experience. So I decided to buy some American Aberdeen cattle, and, actually, I bought a whole bunch.” He was more than pleased with the result, not only with how many heifers bred back for their second calf, but also with the healthy, crossbred calves that he says are un questioningly healthier due to their complete hybrid vigor. From a calving difficulty standpoint, Biwer says it’s also been a no-brainer, considering any calving difficulty has basically gone away. So not only has the experience been better for his heifers, it’s been better for him as well. “Sure, we help a few, but it’s extremely minimal now,” he says, adding that when he first got started in the cattle business in the early 1980s, he had to pull nearly every calf. “I’m really good at it, but I don’t like doing it any more. I’m an old guy now.” In addition, Biwer says that when the crossbred calves are standing next to not fully-grown heifers, the sizes just “add up.” “The calf isn’t too big. When the heifer has this calf, the calf marches right up and the udder fits perfectly with the calf,” Biwer says. “These first-calf heifers aren’t real big yet, and so many times I’ve seen big calves that can’t get their heads down and don’t suck. It just doesn’t work out.

With this breed, they’re perfect.” Most impor tant though, Biwer has seen his first-calf heif ers have a great first experience giving birth and being mothers, and out of 200 bred heifers each year, only a handful now fall out of the herd due to be ing open. “I really do think it’s because of this program,” Biwer says. Biwer didn’t have the great

est luck one year when he and his neighbor tried putting crossbred American Aber deen bulls over their heifers. “That was an absolute failure,” Biwer says. “The prob lem was, we were playing Russian roulette and occasion ally we got a really big calf.” Since then, Biwer has bought fullblood American Aberdeen bulls from Neil Effertz, Scott Caron and Dwane Riedemann; he appreciates the opportunity to purchase bulls from these breeders. Biwer runs five bulls per every hundred heifers, and has been more than pleased with their longevity, libido and soundness. “I got five bulls five years ago and all five of the bulls still pass their soundness test, and I’m still using them,” he says. “I think that’s just a great number.” The first few years, Biwer calved around April 15 and sold 450-pound crossbred calves straight off the heifers. More recently, he has been taking crossbred calves to Neil Biwer and wife, Cherlyn, along with their son, Bradley, and his wife, Cheyenne, operate the ranch and 1,000-head feedlot with the help of ranch dogs, Mia and Chloe.

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Calving season isn’t as stressful as it used to be, for either the humans or the livestock involved.






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Membership Application

Membership Name:_ ____________________________________ First and Last Name(s):_________________________________ (If different than membership name) Address:_________________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________________________ Telephone:_______________________________ Alt. Telephone:________________________ Fax:__________________________ Email:_____________________________________________ Breeder ID Letters (2 or 3 letters. This ID will be reserved for exclu sive use by your membership.) First Choice_________________________ Second Choice_ ___________________ I submit my application for membership in the American Aberdeen Association ® and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Registry, as established by the AAA Membership. Applicant Signature:____________________________________ Date:___________________

Please return Membership Application and check or money order to: American Aberdeen Association 19590 E. Mainstreet, Suite 104

Membership Type - Select one option below ❏ Active Member Total due: $90 ($50 Initiation Fee, $40 Annual Dues) ❏ Junior (Age 21 or Younger) Total due: $10 (Annual Dues) Date of Birth:_ _________________ For Juniors Only

Parker, CO 80138 (303) 840-4343 Fax: (303) 770-9302

Located in Southeastern New Mexico, W Diamond is your source for bulls and females that are built tough but have the look of a ampion. Our breeding program is focused around deep-sided, nd, productive cows and a battery of breed-leading herd sires. We have bulls and females available year around. - GIVE US A CALL TODAY - (;J/) Diamond -- LIVESTOCK --




Our breeding philosophy is driven by these two words.

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318.650.6001 North-central Louisiana


Blue Oaks Ranch Ruth Bleau Grass Valley, CA Butte Country Ranch Jerry & Tee Long Live Oak, CA 530-674-2291 • 530-701-5263 Butte Country Ranch Holley & Joel Bernatz



Wayne & Jeanie Jones Camp Verde, AZ 970-985-5796 • 970-210-5788 Marziale Ranch Technology Ritch Marziale Mesa, AZ 480-962-6024 • 602-919-5902 Karen Steele Dewey, AZ 928-632-5032 • 928-607-1655 Tanner Land and Cattle Craig Tanner & Bethany Johansen Gilbert, AZ 928-242-0855 • 928-537-0933 Wooley P Ranch Dale & Melinda Peery Duncan, AZ 928-322-8253 ARKANSAS Backyard Farms Brent Williams Sheridan, AR 870-489-1916 Barking Dog Ranch LLC Robert or Kelly Parrott Hot Springs, AR 501-627-6294 Alek Bishop Rudy, AR 479-459-2270 The Getaway Ranch Living Trust Mark Coble Show Low, AZ

Mark & Brenda Bishop Rudy, AR 479-459-2270 Kayla Bishop Rudy, AR 479-459-2270 • 479-632-5483

C III Farm Harry Crew Jacksons Gap, AL 256-825-9830

Yuba City, CA 530-844-0230 Manny Ferreira Penn Valley, CA 408-921-2121 Kendail Gonzales Morgan Hill, CA 408-772-0086 Levon or Lynn Sargent Henagar, AL 256-657-6545 • 256-717-7489 South Alabama Lowline Farm Don Smith & Abner Sanders Coffee Springs, AL 334-447-5802 • 334-300-7355 Williams Farm Elliott Everett Williams Thomasville, AL 850-902-7964 • 334-736-4441 ALASKA Northern Rosebud Meghan Orona Delta Junction, AK 907-803-8872 • 907-803-8871 ARIZONA Call Farms Dale & Jordan Call Snowflake, AZ 928-243-0198 • 928-358-0310 Cross V Cattle Co. Arthur E. Lloyd Payson, AZ 928-474-6727 • 928-978-1041 John & Joy Hoffpauir Buckeye, AZ 623-217-0922 • 623-271-0122

Circle N Ranches LLC Randy & Julie Norman Judsonia, AR

501-278-0147 • 501-230-2403

Gray Ghost Lowlines Dewayne & Cindy Draper Malvern, AR

Home Farm Julia O’Brien Loma Rica, CA 530-634-9701 • 916-205-8548 Kid Creek Pastures Jacob Barr Mt. Shasta, CA 530-859-1401 Ostrom Family Farm Doug & Linda Ostrom Wilton, CA 916-932-3691 • 925-890-3036 Rocking Bar B Richard Bertani Nuevo, CA 951-764-8603 S & B Ranch Shandon Giesbrecht Santa Rita Narrows Ranch Mickey & Debbie Evans Lompoc, CA 805-736-1743 Butte City, CA 530-864-7241

501-467-0883 • 501-844-9022 Heaven Sent Ranch Mike & Valerie Hudlow Fayetteville, AR 479-361-2859 • 479-841-9319 Spindleshanks Farm HJ Brown Winslow, AR 479-236-1240 Sugarloaf Creek Ranch Aaron & Jennifer Dickison Hartford, AR 479-849-4003 • 479-653-3061

Triangle Y Farms Paul & Ashley Yanke Mt. Vernon, AR 847-922-2316


Birdhigh Ranch Barb & Fred Daskoski

Plymouth, CA 619-322-0792


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Kimberly Thompson Georgetown, CA 530-401-2149 • 530-333-2734

Chambers Cattle Company Ramah, CO 321-253-6144 • 321-247-9091 Chateau Ridge Ranch LLC Stephen Chorey Florissant, CO 719-792-0248 • 303-408-1008

Glenn Benjamin Lowlines Glenn Benjamin Simla, CO 719-541-4400 • 719-510-3852 Stuart & Ann Hennen Greeley, CO 316-737-7789 • 316-737-8422 J Bar S Ranch Shelley & Janice Mccall Peyton, CO 303-648-3512 J Lazy J Livestock LLC Joe & Jo Dee Pace Fruita, CO 970-241-8911 • 970-210-6236 KK Cattle Company Ken & Kendra Hood Fowler, CO 719-252-4344 • 719-252-3569 Klassen Corral Justin & Sarah Klassen Elizabeth, CO 720-837-7180 • 303-868-8389 Holli & Quinn McElwee Wellington, CO 970-219-5742 • 970-231-9006 Rick Mellen Cortez, CO 970-739-4127 Millers Morgans & Minis Clint & Karla Miller Palisade, CO 970-434-1312 • 970-270-5612

Prickly Pear Ranch Michael Krull Montrose, CO 970-275-6067 Quarter Circle Lazy J Ranch Jerry L. Austin Clifton, CO 970-683-0628 Karla Kay Rein Canon City, CO 719-429-3571 Rocky Mountain Lowlines Richard & Dana Sekich Kersey, CO 307-532-7674 • 970-302-7674 Sunflower Ranch Mechelle Siska Ramah, CO 303-971-7123 • 303-981-2192 Thunderhills Livestock Lawrence & Mary Lewis Parker, CO 303-840-9833 TLAR Land and Cattle Company LLC Roxy & Jim Beardall Kiowa, CO 720-891-6833 • 303-898-9673 Trenmart Cattle Co. Duane & Trenna Martin Gardner, CO 720-480-5320 • 303-344-8421 Eric Rudd Basalt, CO 970-379-9263 Longmont, CO 303-651-0347 Rio Vista Aberdeens Tim Ritter

Tri Madonna Farm Mark & Lora Madonna Grass Valley, CA

530-559-0157 • 530-477-9407 Unicorn Research Foundation

CJ Livestock Clinton Jones Dolores, CO 979-210-6139 Cow Cow Ranch Jeramie & Randi Miller Hotchkiss, CO

Warren Kuhl Cayucos, CA 805-995-3342


7 Zero Ranch LLC Karen Heidelmeyer Berthoud, CO 636-485-5288 • 636-485-0359 Alan R. Atkinson

970-872-3332 • 970-589-5158 Cross Creek Ranch Hiram Baird Gateway, CO 970-210-2391 • 970-216-8202

Canon City, CO 720-334-0826

Crownover Ranch Jennifer Crownover Severance, CO 970-396-7843 James Davis Durango, CO 970-759-6229

Baker Beef Bobbi Baker Pueblo, CO 719-242-3478 Black Nyt Lowlines

Avis Taglioli Pueblo, CO 719-924-0475 C J Bissell Cletus J. Bissell Delta, CO 970-216-2045 • 970-216-7525 Phil & Robyn Carter Laporte, CO 970-219-3958 • 970-218-8519 Celtic Iron Ranch Dawn Arnt Sedalia, CO 303-688-3979 • 303-503-4314 Dayspring Farm LLC Bob & Roxann Lane Olathe, CO 970-323-0204 • 970-234-6360 Echo Valley Ranch Karen & Adam Migliaccio Peyton, CO 719-749-0041 • 719-661-5886

MTC Farms Ltd. Ed & Nadine Boyd Castle Rock, CO G Squared Livestock Shane & Amy Goss Calhan, CO

303-619-3208 • 303-378-2105 Pharo Cattle Company

Kit & Deanna Pharo Cheyenne Wells, CO 719-767-5541

720-201-6508 • 720-202-7798



FLORIDA Asbury Aberdeen Ranch Matthew Boettcher Green Cove Springs, FL 248-207-0897 B & L McDonald Farm Bert & Linda McDonald Sorrento, FL 352-357-1419 • 352-874-5980 Bean Cattle Company Jon Bean Lake Placid, FL 863-441-2512 Marty & Doris Bishop Monticello, FL 850-545-3302 Black Bear Farms LLC Car Evans Crescent City, FL 904-347-4653 • 904-273-5717 Black Bull Ranch Alan Poulton Spring Hill, FL 727-504-5541 • 727-647-6940 Bluewater Reds Melinda Constance Ward Bell, FL 561-704-3042 • 772-360-5837

Trinity Cattle Ranch LLC Anthony Lopez Castle Rock, CO 303-717-2828 Villa Park Ranch Donnie Chrismer Yuma, CO 970-580-8102 West Bijou Ranch Dan Rademacher Kiowa, CO 303-621-9276 • 303-638-3953 Woodenhorse Ranch Eric B. & Rita Carlson Steamboat Springs, CO 970-879-7949 CONNECTICUT Diamond B Angus & Aberdeens Bruce & Lisa Petow Vernon, CT 860-913-7563 • 860-977-0321 JW Beef Joshua Welch Stonington, CT 860-536-0155 • 917-841-0642 Stonewall Farm Maggie Flahive Watertown, CT 860-274-8155 • 203-228-7085 DELAWARE Pygmy Acres Farm Charles Warren Felton, DE 302-242-9133 • 302-284-3529 Winner Maker Farms Woody & Robin Smith Kiowa, CO 303-243-6494

Findley Family Farm Bobby Findley Laurel Hill, FL 850-603-0052 • 850-834-2887 Flip LLC Colin & Kelly Furness Zolfo Springs, FL 954-701-3301 • 954-701-3303 Fortune Teller Farms Jeff & Amy Bogue Bushnell, FL 813-393-9380 Goose Creek Miniatures Janet & Mike Henderson Lake City, FL 904-655-9688 • 904-509-1450 Wendy Elicati Lake City, FL 386-935-9171 • 352-359-2501 Hancock Cattle Co. Matt Hancock Geneva, FL 407-808-2382 Indigo Ridge Farms Paul & Charlene Kolterman Grand Island, FL 402-649-0956 • 402-649-0811 Green Acres Farm Fort Meyers, FL 239-872-2955 Kline Farm Carolyn Kline Loxahatchee, FL 561-793-3672 • 561-248-9545 Lazy F Mini Ranch Francis & Quyless Force Sorrento, FL 407-539-4314 • 407-539-4317 Itty Bitty Ranch Annmarie Campbell

LLL Farms LLC Patti Kauffman Leesburg, FL 352-255-1728 • 352-396-3778 Loriland Farm Marvin Carver Okeechobee, FL 561-718-3711 • 772-260-2535 Kelli McKinley Oak Hill, FL 386-847-2034 Ombu Ranch LLC Claudio Zichy Miami, FL 786-536-5416 River Mist Ranch Ronald Sholes Palatka, FL 386-983-0101 Serenity Acres Carrol Graves Chiefland, FL 352-490-6591 • 352-535-5395 Shady Rest Acres Jack Agliata High Springs, FL 386-383-2309 • 386-454-4055 Twin Cedar Farm Jim & Lisa Buckley Marianna, FL 850-596-9346 Vineland Ranch Nancy Kicherer & Said Liljgren Vero Beach, FL 772-678-8235 • 352-221-0760 Weemoo Farm Loraine Johnson Lowell, FL 352-414-8392 GEORGIA Charles Allen Evans, GA 706-863-1296

Ron Bogue Bushnell, FL 786-402-3016 Breezy Knoll Ranch Ty & Vicki Waterman DeFuniak Springs, FL

850-892-9566 • 850-758-6625 Cow Trail Farm Jonathan & Linda Ponader Fort Myers, FL 239-826-5168 • 239-691-7661 Early Speed Farms Wiley Davis Ocala, FL 352-615-1002 • 352-369-6993


SUMMER 2019 | 21 20

Baker’s Acres Joshua Baker Kimberly, ID 541-570-5737 Black Horse Ranch 208-377-7995 • 208-875-9182 Boar’s Nest Lowlines Drake Dixon Riggins, ID 208-628-3292 • 805-272-5585 Cheatgrass Acres Eva Schiffer New Plymouth, ID 208-353-5893 • 208-576-1830 Cloverdale Farms William H. or Donna L. Boekel Rathdrum, ID 208-772-5191 • 208-661-8501 D & D Cattle Jacqui Dodd-Duran Athol, ID 208-659-6622 Dizzy C Farm Damon & Dawn Van Gerpen Kuna, ID 208-880-6399 • 208-880-6355 Dodd Ranch Rob Dodd Hayden, ID 208-659-0844 Four D Land & Cattle Company Jacqui Duran, Rick & Rob Dodd, Donna Boekel Athol, ID 208-659-6622 • 206-459-3778 Erik Garcia Declo, ID 208-716-4326 Trent Rappe Midvale, ID

BC Lowline Angus Bob Coward Grayson, GA 678-663-3853 Beaverdam Angus Jeff Frankum Monroe, GA 770-307-7343 Double W Ranch Brett & Adele Wigley Cleveland, GA 706-969-3991 • 678-630-9508 Blairsville, GA 772-905-7363 Opal Springs Farm Joe Walsky Elberton, GA 706-283-2204 • 770-713-9457 Red Farm Neale Nickels Atlanta, GA 540-661-6087 Rock Creek Farm Blake Poole Lula, GA 706-429-7556 Sack Family Trust 770-207-1255 • 417-825-6806 TNE Family Farm Robert Rowe Talking Rock, GA 706-692-1170 • 706-301-8270 Henry J Farms Rob Marcinowski Boston, GA 850-294-1319 Nottely Hills Ranch Christina Palmeri Ronald G. Sack Good Hope, GA

Wildhaven Farm Barbara Hammond Midville, GA 561-670-9002 Wynn Farms Greg & Gina Wynn Moultrie, GA 229-292-3702 • 229-292-3701 HAWAII Craig Hara

Gray Angel Ranch Bill & Angela Gray

St. Maries, ID 208-214-4020 Great Grazin Farm and Ranch LLC Dale Conder Fruitland, ID 208-761-1137 William J. & Jackie Hanchey Kimberly, ID 208-733-6433 • 208-308-6443 Warren Olson Rathdrum, ID 208-659-6285 Keith Huettig Jerome, ID 208-829-5252 • 208-539-7261 Idaho Livestock John Tomlinson Hayden, ID 208-215-4460 • 208-304-5184 Ike’s Ranch Scott & Kathy Ikier Mccall, ID 208-315-1353 • 208-315-1571 Lafave Family Farm Chris & Megan Lafave Caldwell, ID 909-241-9628 Latasha Orr Rexburg, ID 208-351-2040 LG Farm Lynnette Johnston Athol, ID 208-946-7159 Lillefloren Farms Jay & Diana Lillefloren Hayden, ID 208-304-5184 • 208-215-4460 Page 5 Harvest Moon Farm

St. Mililani, HI 808-479-2210 Hawaii Lowline Rick Sakata Honokaa, HI 808-896-2140


4 S Ranch Dana & John Slater Oldtown, ID 208-437-3677 7M Livestock Shalley Maybe Oakley, ID 435-257-5023 Hipolito Alvarez Jerome, ID 208-410-9972 Ankeny Acres Bruce Ankeny Nampa, ID 208-463-0627 • 208-989-7009 Ansay Ranch LLC Jason Ansay Emmett, ID 208-343-6739 Archer Valley Ranch Jeff & Ellen Archer Priest River, ID 208-448-0300 • 253-208-5100 Page 57



Jeanne L. McDaniel Priest River, ID 208-448-0234

Brian & Marlene Randall Trust Brian & Marlene Randall Orangeville, IL 815-563-9138 • 815-541-4497 Bruno Farms Derek & Amy Bruno

Dale Martin Lovington, IL 217-512-3752

Simmons Farm John Simmons Wenona, IL 815-674-9800 Mill Creek Cattle Co. Dalton Asmussen Reynolds, IL 563-340-2516 Nasello Farms Jason & Brittani Nasello Brighton, IL 618-580-9109 • 618-610-9384 815-499-5452 • 815-441-8049 North Fork Lowlines Don E. Hamilton Jr. Viola, IL 309-596-2217 • 309-582-7575 Olson Farm Greg & Courtney Olson Prairie College Cattle Company John & Kristy Clegg Jacksonville, IL 217-741-2041 • 217-473-2441 RCL Cattle Company Inc. Bob Lindquist Stockton, IL 815-238-6888 • 815-990-2130 Reeverts Farms Terry & Ryan Reeverts Byron, IL 815-315-7576 • 815-543-0070 Rickman Family Farms David Rickman Osco, IL 309-945-7280 Nelson Cattle Co. Talea & Dean Nelson Chadwick, IL Waterman, IL 419-560-1628 Mark Smith & Gail Petreiki Johnston City, IL 618-727-1758 • 618-983-6308 Sons Cattle Farm Casey & Amanda Jackson Port Byron, IL 309-278-2387 • 309-749-7452 Springhill Farms Dave & Corinna Hill Brownstown, IL 618-347-2474 • 217-240-0128 Valley View Acres Kirk Schubert Mount Carroll, IL 815-275-5520 Kim Whittington Metamora, IL 217-303-9275 • 309-367-6033 Wind Valley Lowline Jacob Cobb Charleston, IL 217-343-9024 INDIANA Lynn Battershell Roanoke, IN 260-672-1370 • 260-433-3643 Robert J. Best Cutler, IN 765-491-5853 Circle B Farm David Byler Lexington, IN 812-595-2997 • 812-595-8493 Orangeville, IL 815-541-9138 Workman Family Farms Scott & Alisha Workman

Mini Cows West Gene R. Kantack Idaho Falls, ID 208-523-5959 • 208-521-9603 Cody L. Muir Teton, ID 208-456-2720 • 208-709-0853 Randy D. Nab Jerome, ID 208-320-6629 Page 45

Springfield, IL 217-280-0566 Bruno Farms

Hartzel Bruno Springfield, IL 217-280-0566 Bureau Creek Lowlines Betsy Hartmann & Bill Althau La Moille, IL 815-866-8448 Crawford Farms Tim Crawford Dixon, IL 815-535-3444 Derrer Farms Rodney Derrer Milan, IL 309-314-1492 Evans Brother’s Cattle Company Kristen Evans Sherman, IL 217-414-3738 Darrell Herschberger Tuscola, IL 217-259-6106 J & M Farms John Sebens Bement, IL 217-778-0771 • 217-564-2484 Lincoln Land Cattle Co. K. Waterman & A. Hagen Taylorville, IL 217-820-7483 • 217-547-2884 Oxkiller Minis Val & Jolynne Olsen Franklin, ID

208-646-2535 Quail Hollow Wayne & Ruth Butterfield Meridian, ID

208-461-9202 • 208-412-5653 Sunswept Lowlines Tim & Debbie Vulles Hayden, ID 208-687-8910 • 208-667-2336

Sweet Iron Ranch Kevin & Alyce Needs Laclede, ID

208-255-7935 • 208-946-3950 TND Raven Ranch Inc. Thomas & Darla Fletcher Cocolalla, ID 512-771-6783 • 517-422-4508 Y Knot Ranch Joy Young Nampa, ID 253-954-6142 ILLINOIS 4D Grain & Livestock Allison or Marc Duffy Pontiac, IL 815-842-7432 • 815-844-4702


SUMMER 2019 | 23 20

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